Why to ‘Kay (10-30-2017)

Something horrible really did happen on Y2K, and experts are just now starting to realise the gravity of the situation. [Link to post] “Let’s say you’re right. Is there anything we can do about it?” Mike leaned over Frida’s shoulder and stared at the numbers on her computer monitor. She swiveled in her chair to…

0 – 100 (10-27-17)

You live in a world where people are granted superpowers, however you have to mentally solve a math problem to be able to use it, and the effect of it scales with difficulty. You have the power of instant teleportation, but are not good at math. One day, you appear to have cheated the system….

Ninja Thief (10-26-17)

Background story for 74 year old Japanese Ninja Thief. [Link to post] “Remember to stay out of the forest Tohru. You’re still young, your training isn’t complete.” An old man with no hair and a long greying beard nodded at the young boy. The 12 year old boy nodded while trying to steady his breathing….

Amusement Park (10-25-17)

Flash Fiction challenge. Location: Amusement Park Object: Graffiti [Link to Post] “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my daughter. We sat in a fairly empty parking lot, with a bright noon sun overhead. The barren lot was due to a school day. A giant colorful wooden sign said, “King’s Amusement Park”….

Snow Bird

He was out in January and was not happy about it. It wasn’t the weather that made him unhappy. The calendar said “January” but the weather indicated late spring. The rest of the country had snow and ice. Here, there were birds. Thousands of birds. Singing and chirping so loudly he couldn’t hear himself think….

Fallen Through (10-24-17)

You have followed the same morning routine for the past 8 years of your life, but one day you wake up and suddenly the routine seems wrong. It’s as if your muscle memory doesn’t fit anymore. [Link to post] “I turned right instead of left. I think that was the first sign.” He rubbed his forehead,…

Getting the band back together. (10-23-17)

It’s been a long time, old friend. [Link to post] Jenny explored Regal’s cabin. Her cabin now. She buried Regal five days ago, when she came back to life. She spent her days going through his notes and trying to sort her memories. Regal’s pantry was completely stocked when she woke up. She would need supplies…

Epic Sandwich (10-23-17)

Story where the main character is preparing a sandwich. Make it sound EPIC [link to post] The tall man, a baker, bowed before the princess. His princess. He presented her with an ivory white plate that held four small sandwich triangles. “Please, m’lady. Allow me to regale you with a tale of how this marvelous…

Front Page

Hey folks, welcome to my writing blog. This is where I’ll collect my writings to share with the internet. Hopefully you’ll find something here to entertain you. I’m in the process of moving. All new content will be found on my new blog at Hugoverse.info. Hugoverse: I have most of my universe planned out already,…

Miscellaneous Short Stories

Here are some short stories I’ve done that I ended up liking a whole lot.Vegas : Vegas is the first character I created that felt special to me. I came up with him for a creative writing assignment. I don’t remember the specifics, but I’m pretty sure it was something along the lines of, “Imagine a…