I’ve decided to work on a writing prompt every day. To build up my own writing corner of the web, I’ll collect them here. I’ll list the writing prompt here, and link it to a blog with my post for that prompt.  Please excuse any formatting issues, I’m learning.

10-9-2017: [WP] After a young child is kidnapped, the monster under their bed and the monster in their closet decide to team up to bring them home.

10-10-2017: [WP] You wake up and decide to take over the world using your wits and what’s in your pockets. In your right is some string, a paper clip, and $2. In your left you find a Death Laser.

10-11-2017: [WP] As you are cleaning your house one day, you find a note. “They are coming for you. Get out now!”

10-12-2017: [WP] You are a police officer who has a medical condition where you cannot lie. Your boss has just placed you undercover.

10-13-2017: [WP] Write a story about five entirely disconnected, reckless rescue attempts succeeding because of each other.

10-16-2017: [WP] you build a device that allows you to send messages to the past in the form of hallucinations, one day your friend is messing around and sends a message to Julius Caesar…..

10-17-2017: [WP] You’ve been living a happy, successful life until one day when you wake up to discover you’ve been in a coma and it was all a dream. You awake to a life almost exactly the same as the life you had been living, apart from one crucial detail.

10-18-2017: [WP] You alone have the ability to give any “power” you wish to anybody any time… but you’re also really petty and use it for revenge / personal amusement

10-19-2017: [WP] In the near future, you are making dinner because you are about to meet your girlfriend’s dad for the first time. All you have in the kitchen is cooked frozen steaks. In walks your girlfriend and her dad, Gordon Ramsey.

10-20-2017: [WP] Death makes a mistake and comes to you. Upon realizing you are the wrong person, he lets you choose your death date for compensation.

10-23-2017: [WP] Story where the main character is preparing a sandwich. Make it sound EPIC

10-24-2017: [WP] You have followed the same morning routine for the past 8 years of your life, but one day you wake up and suddenly the routine seems wrong. It’s as if your muscle memory doesn’t fit anymore.

10-25-2017: [CW] Flash Fiction Challenge. Location: Amusement Park  Object: Graffiti

10-26-2017: [WP] Background story for 74 year old Japanese Ninja Thief

10-27-2017: [WP] You live in a world where people are granted superpowers, however you have to mentally solve a math problem to be able to use it, and the effect of it scales with difficulty. You have the power of instant teleportation, but are not good at math. One day, you appear to have cheated the system.

10-30-2017: [WP] Something horrible really did happen on Y2K, and experts are just now starting to realise the gravity of the situation.

11-06-2017: [WP]”Alright genie, for my last wish…I wish for every day to be better than the last.”

11-07-2017: [WP] You have telekinesis. You’re not a hero, and so you live a normal mundane life, with telekinesis.

11-08-2017: [WP] “I wish I had the power of reading people’s minds.” “No, no you really don’t.”

11-09-2017: [WP] Write a story that involves a donkey, lime juice and aliens.

11-10-2017:  [WP] A group of people summon a demon, but not to sell their souls for immortality or anything, they want him to DM for their game of dungeons and dragons.

11-13-2017: [WP] You’re a normal villager in a fantasy town and the main hero has just moved in next door after completing his quest.

11-13-2017: [CW] The last sentence must be “Mom drinks more coffee.”

11-14-2017: [WP] After rescuing the princess from the dragon, the king angrily tells you, “No, you idiot! I wanted you to rescue the DRAGON!”

11-15-2017: [WP] “Come on, dude! I don’t believe you.” “I’m telling you, I’m half demon.” “Oh yeah, next you’ll be telling me Satan was your dad.” “Actually…”

11-16-2017: [WP] In a world where jokes can cast spells, you’re the most powerful wizard by only using puns.

11-17-2017: [WP] It turns out that every conspiracy theorist is right, each conspiracy theory is true but they all come from a different timeline.

11-20-2017: [WP] “Sir, we’ve discovered time travel, but it seems we have to sacrifice a baby goat every time”

11-21-2017: [WP] You are the hero the kingdom needs, just not the one it wants. You are The Necromancer.

11-24-2017: [WP] You can talk to plants.

12-10-2017: [WP] “So why exactly is there a cow on the roof?”

12-11-2017:[WP] People lose the ability to dream if they have committed a murder. And you are desperate to end your constant nightmares…

12-18-2017: [WP] On one fateful day, everyone in the world received a slip of paper with a date on it. (Date as in M/D/Y) It turns out that this date is when the person closest to you dies. The slip of paper that you have has tomorrow’s date.

01-01-2018: [WP] After decades, humanity finally discovers why there seems to be no other life in the Milky Way. Everyone else fled to Andromeda. The new pressing question being: What were they running from?

01-02-2018: [EU] The Four Horsemen have arrived to start the Apocalypse. Their names are Kramer, George, Elain, and Jerry

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