Vegas destroys a city (10-20-17)

There is no time left for explanations. You must destroy your city using one penny and you only have 24 hours left. [link to post]

“Hurry, Vegas!” Regal yelled at me. “24 hour limit, but I know you can do it faster.” He held Jenny’s corpse in two pieces. Her body over his shoulder and her head in his hand. His hand glowed red to keep Jenny’s head alive. I trusted Regal. He asked me to destroy the city, so I did. I pulled a penny from my pocket and tossed it casually at a cat. The cat bolted off the trashcan lid, toppling it over. The trashcan rolled out into the street causing a car to swerve.

“Alright, it’s done. Wanna tell me why?” The power went out. Regal opened a black portal and stepped through it. I joined him on a hill overlooking the city. Regal was wise, powerful, and easily entertained. He liked watching my work in action. A water tower toppled over.

“The Demon Queen survived. Jenny weakened her immensely, but we couldn’t finish the job,” Regal’s head fell a bit, likely heavy with disappointment. “Burying the city will give us time to escape without being followed.”

“Where’s Lauren?” I asked. She was the only reason I was here.

“She did her job, and she got out safely. After we confirm the city’s destruction you can go join her. I’m going to take Jenny somewhere I can heal her.” An explosion rocked the city.

“What’s the plan? Regroup at Toku-high?” I asked. The school’s official name was Nexus Academy, but one of the teachers started calling it Toku-high, and the nickname stuck. Despite Regal’s insistence that it not.

“No. You’re done, Vegas. You’ve done all that I asked of you, and more. Nexus Academy is just rubble now. You’re free of obligation. Go be with Lauren. I don’t know if my plan to heal Jenny will work or not, it would be unfair of me to leave you waiting.” A skyscraper toppled over into another one, pushing it into a third. The dust and smoke made the city hard to see. My power was fickle, but I learned how to control it pretty well thanks to Regal. I thought the Demon Queen was teaching me how to use my power, but she only taught me glorified party tricks. Regal taught me how to tap into my essence, my Unique Soul. The city was almost buried. The third sky scraper would fall on the natural gas plant.

I pulled a single red die out of the tattoo on my left hand and slipped it into Jenny’s pocket. Regal noticed. I shrugged.

“Lauren’s met the Demon Queen. She won’t ever feel safe until we defeat her. I can help,” I explained.

“Thank you, Vegas,” Regal said. He nodded at me. A chain of explosions rushed through the city as the the gas lines exploded. The city was no longer visible behind the cloud of ash and dust. “You’ll be a great help.” He said. He opened two portals.

“That one will take you to Lauren,” He pointed at a portal and I jumped through it.

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