Epic Sandwich (10-23-17)

Story where the main character is preparing a sandwich. Make it sound EPIC [link to post]

The tall man, a baker, bowed before the princess. His princess. He presented her with an ivory white plate that held four small sandwich triangles.

“Please, m’lady. Allow me to regale you with a tale of how this marvelous repast came to be,” he managed to bow lower. The princess’ mouth was full, she waved a hand at him. Permission to continue. He nodded.

“As you know, my Princess, I am a baker by trade. I found the farmer with the best wheat in the land. He required of me a quest before he would consider a trade. He wished to be rid of a beast, and I slayed it in your name. Once he gave me the wheat I milled it into flour myself. The rest of that loaf is for your lips only,” the baker said. The princess dabbed a glob of jelly from her lips, but said nothing. She kept eating.

“I found the best sugar cane, and the best fruits. Your jelly is a special blend. The fruits in the jelly, as well as the cooking process are secrets known only to me. The recipe will be passed on only to my child.”

“To make your peanut butter I individually inspected thousands of peanuts in order to find a handful suitable for you. I shelled them, salted, and toasted them personally. All for you. The peanut butter process is another family secret.” His princess finished eating and he moved her plate away. He returned, eagerly waiting for her kind words. She cleared her throat with a drink, then stared at the baker.

“Dad, of course I’m going to take over the bakery,” she said. She stood from the table and gave her father a hug. “The jelly was great.”

“Thanks, princess. I’ll be happy to show you how to make it.”

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