Hugoverse Timeline

Welcome to my universe. I’m building it using writing prompts from r/writingprompts. Please note that the stories are listed in chronological order as they happen in-universe. The date shown is the date of the writing prompt.

Rise of the Demon Queen

[RotDQ] – Ballisea’s Origin

Sunlit Path

[S.P.] – Regal’s Origin

Death’s Star

[D.S.] – Oren’s Childhood

Dana’s Lab

Ms. Sharp’s Unique experiments.

Before they were SoundCrowd

Meet the gang before they meet.



Dirge & Dread

Las Luchadoras

Aurelio’s Sun-

– Hugoverse Novel: SoundCrowd’s Senior Prom.

Toku-High Saga

– SoundCrowd takes up teaching positions at Regal’s school for Uniques.

Jenny’s Sun

-Hugoverse Novel: Jenny’s Legacy

Schoolgirl Six-

Hugoverse Novel: Aurelio says goodbye.

Fringes of the Hugoverse

– These stories help illustrate how Uniques interact. Most of the tales have no bearing on the core arc (RotDQ -> Schoolgirl Six). There are a few entries that slot into the main arc, but they don’t have enough story revealed yet to place them. I left them in order of publication because chronology isn’t important.


– The other side for Zeroes.


– The magical underbelly of the Hugoverse.

Scavenger Hunt

– Three teams exploring the Hugoverse for fun and adventure.


– A group searching for Inanimates to fulfill an unknown purpose.

B.A.A. (Bureau of Alternate Agencies)

– Coordinates intelligence between universes.

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