Ninja Thief (10-26-17)

Background story for 74 year old Japanese Ninja Thief. [Link to post]

“Remember to stay out of the forest Tohru. You’re still young, your training isn’t complete.” An old man with no hair and a long greying beard nodded at the young boy. The 12 year old boy nodded while trying to steady his breathing. The movement spilled drops of sweat from his brow. Tohru’s training ended for the day and the old man gave him free time to play. “The Tanaka clan is still holding a grudge, and we can’t afford to lose any more students.”

Tohru ran off to his room to gather his things. The river was safe enough, and he wanted to enjoy the cool waters to rinse off the day’s labor. He took his fishing pole and spent the afternoon swimming and catching dinner for his master and his friends. Tohru’s Master trained him privately because he was more advanced than the other students training in different parts of the village that day.

“You have amazing talent, I have no doubts you will be the most powerful ninja from our village,” his Master told him several times, each time pushing him to train harder.”

Tohru returned with the setting sun and found his village dark. No torches or candles burned to illuminate the houses and walkways. The silence worried him and he ran to his Master’s chambers. He found a mess of scrolls and broken walls.

“The Tanaka clan.” Tohru fumed to himself. It was the only explanation. His hands clenched, his teeth ground against themselves while he considered his next move. His Master always focused on teaching him how to think rationally about situations. Attacking the Tanaka clan head on would mean death for a 12 year old boy alone. He stayed in the village, but hid himself in case enemies returned. He meditated over night, and in the morning he finally had a plan. A way to build his clan back up while weakening the Tanakas.

The first one was easy. He grabbed a child one of the Tanaka mothers left unattended and hid in a cave near his former village. He wanted to stay close to his home, but not risk surprise attacks. Tohru raised the child, constantly referring to her as his little sister. When she was five he began training her. When she was 10, and he 19, she helped him. Each stole a Tanaka child and they raised them as family. Every couple of years more and more Tanaka children were taken. Tohrus clan was young and growing stronger while the Tanakas were getting old, with less children to carry on the name.

When Tohru was 40 his clan was strong enough that he no longer needed children. He began to steal grown men. Every two years the Tanaka clan lost another ninja.

Tohru, the ninja thief, stole all of the Tanaka ninjas by the time he reached his 74th birthday.

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