I dream of Genie (11-6-17)

“Alright genie, for my last wish…I wish for every day to be better than the last.” [Link to post]

“Your last? Aren’t you jumping ahead a bit? You haven’t even given me your first two,” The supernaturally beautiful woman interrupted me She looked at me with amusement. The irises of her eyes seemed to have sharp edges, the light sparkled against them. The laughter made her eyes gleam like pink diamonds. Possibly due to her turning her nose up at me slightly. I already had her underestimating me.

I was known as a Wisp hunter, and dealing with magical mischief makers was my specialty. I’ve had this particular Genie on my radar for a while, but it was only recently that her mischief took a dark turn.

“I like you Genie, you’re honest. I was just testing you,” I said. I presented my hand to her and a blue rune flashed in my hand.

“Damnit! What’d I do? I haven’t violated any genie policies.” She immediately crossed her arms in front of herself and leaned her weight on the leg opposite me. I sighed intentionally to foster her confidence. I needed to make it look like I was bored of routine. “You’re not special just because you’re flashing a badge. You get three wishes, just like everyone else, But surely they don’t all have to be related to the investigation, right?” She winked a pink diamond at me, and her lips curled up ever so slightly. She’d had a century of practicing that look. Luckily I had a few centuries on top of her.

“I already told you my third wish, didn’t I?” I winked clumsily at her. She smiled when she thought she had me. She lowered her arms and smiled. “It’s just routine, miss. I .. I’m sorry, I me *we*,” I interrupted myself with a cough. “We’ve been keeping an eye on you for a while. When I saw your name come up in an investigation I wanted to come by and investigate you personally. I mean, by myself.” I changed my stance, and as I shifted my weight, I brushed my elbow against her large breasts. I met her eyes. “You know, get your side of the story without you feeling pressured.” Her smile broadened and her eyes smoldered with practiced sensuality. A warm orange-red color bloomed from the center of her pink eyes.

“I appreciate the kindness, officer. I would love to return the favor with a freebie,” she winked at me. ”I know a couple of wishes I can grant you that don’t involve magic at all.”

“I would love to hear more about those, but let’s get the formalities out of the way first. I need to turn in something at least resembling a report. You’re beautiful, but you gotta do the paperwork. Just like everyone else.” I chuckled to myself, and she laughed when she saw me do it. She was too busy planning her next move to hear my callback, but that just made it funnier for me. She smiled when I said ‘beautiful’, but that was all she heard. I pulled out my pocket notepad and a pen. I smiled at her nervously while I uncapped it. “Oops” I said when i dropped the cap. I kneeled down to get it and stared at her legs the whole time. She repositioned herself to give me a better look. I grabbed the cap and asked my first question while she was off guard.

“I wish you wanted to tell me about the wish you granted for Jerry the farmboy, – “ I said, then she interrupted.

“YES OH MY GOSH! I NEED to tell you about that. What happened is-” I interrupted her.

“I wasn’t finished yet. I’m going to repeat it again from the beginning, and you need to let me finish.” I held her eyes, and they lightened up a bit. The warm glow of her eyes transitioned to a light purple. She was curious.

“I wish you wanted to tell me about the wish you granted for Jerry the farmboy, but you can’t until I let you.”  She immediately began fidgeting as the wish took hold of her. It wasn’t long before she was sitting on her hands, staring at me eagerly.

“Now for my second wish,” I smiled. Her eyes went wide.

“Your first isn’t done yet!”

“Sure it is. The magic part, anyway. The rest can be resolved any time,” I waved a hand, to casually dismiss the matter.

“My second wish. I wish I knew the truth about Jerry’s case, without you having to tell me a thing.” She sighed, and I knew she was guilty. As guilty as possible without actually violating any genie codes. Her malicious intent was growing, but she had not crossed any lines yet. I hoped I could keep that from happening.

“Now it’s time for your third wish! I hope you like time loops!”  She laughed, and I smiled at her.

“I never finished my third wish, you interrupted it. And before you start trying to talk your way out of it, the precedent has already been set, hasn’t it? I believe you accepted that a wish could be interrupted with my first wish.” Her eyes darkened to pitch black, and she hung her head with a sigh.

“I wish for every day to be better than the last, but let’s see how far we can get without magic. I reserve the right to change my wish before you use any magic on it.”

“And you expect me to just hang around you and keep you happy?” I shrugged. “Not necessarily.” I turned and started to walk away. “But if you ever want to tell me about Jerry, maybe I’d be inclined to hear about him if I was in a good mood.” I walked several more steps before I heard hers following.

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