Necro Romancer (11-21-17)

You are the hero the kingdom needs, just not the one it wants. You are The Necromancer. [Link to post.]

“I’ll be back, wait here,” I said to my wife. Her bottom jaw clapped against her upper jaw while she nodded. She still had not learned to talk yet, but she was getting better. I kissed her smooth, ivory forehead and left the house. We lived on the outskirts of town, preferring our space. We’d had one neighbor about a year ago, but he angered the wrong person. Now his house sat empty, I doubt anyone knew he was dead.

I walked into town for my monthly supply run and noticed more commotion than usual. I passed a kid putting flyers up, and grabbed one from him to read. It turns out the king sought a hero to defeat a new threat. A powerful sorcerer calling himself the Demon King threatened the land, and the last guy to save the world had not presented himself yet. The king grew desperate advertising for any adventurers to take on the powerful evil. I didn’t think much of it until I glanced at the drawing of the Demon King at the bottom of the flyer. He looked like a standard powerful, mad sorcerer. The picture showed him in flowing robes and a pair of ram horns curling out of the sides of his head. Then, I saw the number “2” tattooed on his hand. I knew my wife would want to take him on. I decided to visit the weapon shop instead of the general store.

I turned a corner and noticed a line coming out of the tiny shop, about a dozen adventurers lined up to gear up. I joined the back of the line, behind a man in fighting monk robes. He turned when he heard me approach and gave me a nod of acknowledgement. I smiled.

“Going after the Demon King?” I asked. Before he could answer, a heavily armored knight clanked by and stopped to glare at me.

“Beat it, skullfucker, no one’s as desperate as you. No one wants help from your dark arts. My party can handle the Demon King no problem.” His group laughed. Their magician pulled a chicken bone from his robes and winked at me.

“Here’s a little something for your wife. I know how much she likes cock,” the man in orange robes tossed it at me. It was a simple underhand toss and I did not intend to flinch, but I did anyway. The monk’s hand flew up in front of me and caught the bone. His sudden movement startled me, and the group laughed. Without a word the monk twirled the chicken bone in his fingers and flicked it at the knight. It went through his armor and into his arm. Their healer rushed to his side while he yelled and cursed.  The rest of his group got the idea pretty fast and they ushered him away.

“So, you’re the necromancer?” The monk asked, with a pleasant smile. “I’ve heard *things* about you.”

“Thanks for that,” I said. I gestured at the empty road where the group stood moments before. “The rumors are technically true, but you know how life is. It’s not as cut and dry as all that,” I said sheepishly. He seemed like a fair guy and I didn’t want to misrepresent myself. The line moved forward.

“Yes,” the monk nodded. “Life is rarely cut and dry. To answer your question, yes. My friend and I are going to try for the Demon King. I’m just here holding a place in line, she’ll be back when I get into the shop. What about you?” He asked. I shrugged.

“I didn’t know about him until today. But there’s a good chance my wife will want to.” He cocked an eyebrow at me, and smirk tugged the corners of his mouth upwards.

“Your *wife*? The one from the rumors?”  I nodded again. The line moved forward. I took a step forward before he realized it, because he was facing me. He took a step backward without turning around.

“It’s complicated.”

“Complicated is fun sometimes. I’ve trained for over 20 years as a monk.The most important lesson I learned is, numbers matter. I’m actually a healer, my partner is the fighter. She’s fantastic. Vicious, but fantastic. A pair of sorcerers would help round out the group nicely. Think your wife would welcome a couple more?” He asked. The monk gave me a genuine smile, and I hoped my wife would say yes. She had her pride as a sorcerer, but desperate circumstances required desperate actions. I nodded at him.

“We can certainly try to talk her into it. After this why don’t you and your partner come by my house to meet her?” I stuck out my hand. “My name is Allister.” The monk grabbed my hand. I felt 20 plus years of callouses in his hand.

“I gave up my name, I am just *Monk*.” He bowed. The line moved forward. We were almost in. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen walked up behind Monk. I love my wife, and we have the deepest connection possible. But I still knew how to appreciate beauty. This woman had long, straight red hair that reached her waist, and fiery red eyes to match. She stood taller and broader than me. I measured 6’5”, and guessed myself to be a foot shorter than her. Standing behind Monk she appeared twice as broad as him. She clapped him hard on the back.

“Hey Monk, who’s our new friend?” Without turning to her, he introduced us.

“Allister this is my partner, Flutter. Flutter, meet Allister. We might be teaming up for this adventure.”

“Okay. I’m going inside,” Flutter said. Our spot in line reached the door. Monk stepped out of line and nodded at me. I entered the store behind Flutter to browse around.

After we finished shopping I led Monk and Flutter to my home. I sent my wife a telepathic message that I was bringing company, but it was okay. She wasn’t happy, but I explained about the Demon King and his tattoo. She changed her mind quickly. Flutter bought a couple of swords. On the way home I asked her about armor. She wore only a simple sundress.

“Don’t need it. I’ve got Monk,” she said. I wondered how good his healing skills were, for her to have that attitude. My wife probably didn’t need their help, but it’s always handy to have. We reached my house, and I opened the door to show them in.

“Monk, Flutter, this is my wife. Ballisea.” I gestured at a skeleton sitting on a chair next to the bed. The skeleton stood up and walked over to greet them.

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