Pet Plants (11-24-17)

You can talk to plants. [Link to post.]

“Rise and shine!” The familiar wake up call cut through my slumber and my eyes flitted open.

“Morning, Glory.” I sat up and turned to the purple flowers sitting on the window sill. The potted morning glory stared out the window at the sun.

“Rise and shine!” It repeated. Being able to talk to plants had its benefits, but in general they weren’t very smart.

“I’m awake, Glory.” I stood up from my bed, then tickled her soil on my way to the restroom. Her roots detected the vibrations.

“Morning!” Glory said.
I flipped on the light switch in the restroom, and this woke up Vera, the aloe plant.

“I’m thirsty!”

“No you’re not, Vera. I watered you last night,” I said to the plant. She continued to nag while I finished up my morning routine. After my teeth felt clean I decided to give her a couple drops of water. I let a partial handful of water drip on Vera’s soil.

“I’M DROWNING!” She yelled at me. I chuckled and left the bathroom. Even for a plant, Vera was special. Most of the other aloe plants I’d met were at least smart enough to know when they’ve had enough water. I kept Vera because I hated the thought of her suffering silently in a house where someone didn’t understand her. I went to the kitchen and turned on the light. The herbs greeted me. I kept Mint, Basil, and Rosemary on the window sill above the sink.

“Morning!” They all said.

“Alright guys. Whose turn today?” I asked while I pulled eggs, ham, and cheese out of the fridge.

“My turn!” Rosemary said. I plucked a couple of the larger leaves from the plant.

“Thank you, Rose.”

“You’re welcome.”

After I finished my omelette breakfast I poured the used coffee grounds into Rosemary’s pot as a reward for her minor sacrifice. After taking care of the dishes I made my out the back door to head to the greenhouse. With an ability like mine, it would be a waste to have an office job in a cubicle somewhere. Just me and a single plant or two in a sea of humans did not sound even remotely appealing. I walked into the greenhouse and greeted my crop as a whole. I needed to announce myself because they were already bathed in light.

“Good morning, Mary Jane.” Their collective greeting came back.


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