Hugoverse Guidebook

[Still working on moving this over. Links still point to the old blog.] This is where I will start storing information about my Universe to help add some context to my short stories. 


  • Magic is a natural force present on all Earths, though not all Earths have a population that can tap into it. Once a Soul learns how to tap into magic on one Earth they can tap into the magic from other Earths.


  • Microscopic machines that excel at efficiency. As a result they work together and learn to optimize the tasks they’re trained for. On some Earths they allow Zeroes to tap into magic, while on other Earths they evolved to mimic magic. 


  • A network that allows users from alternate universes to communicate with each other. It is an Earth that is completely dominated by nanos. Earths with the right technology can project their consciousness to that Earth, and the nanos will form an artificial body for their consciousness. This is primarily used for gaming, and has essentially become a giant cross universe MMO. (AlterNet)
  • [Whispering]: Whispering is an ability available to everyone(Uniques and Zeroes alike) when connected to the AlterNet, as well as on any Earth with sufficient nano saturation. Whispering is akin to a telepathic text message, that can be sent to someone’s body to communicate privately with them. The mind of the person that receives the [Whisper] reads the text like subtitles and understands it, even if the person does not directly read the message. For example sending a message to the bottom of someone’s foot or the back of their neck. If the people whispering to each other are close enough emotionally Whispers can be audibly heard by the receiver as well as other enhancements based on their intimacy. Whispers can carry emotions, or other physical sensations ranging from a feather touch to a hard shove. In my stories Whispered text is portrayed like: [This is a whisper. -H] Whispers tend to be short, and the message is automatically tagged with the first initial(by default, but its modifiable) of the sender. 


  • Term for normal, non-Unique souls. Normal souls have doppelgangers spread out across universes. Normal souls can tap into magic, but they are no match for an Awakened Unique Soul.  
Unique Souls: 
  • Born randomly across universes, Unique Souls never have alternate universe dopplegangers. Though there may be multiple of the same Unique across universe (e.g.: multiple Sols), there is only ONE Ballisea in all the infinite universes. There are never two of the same type born in the same universe. Each Unique Soul (Human tier or above) has a specific role it is designed for. Unique souls attract each other in order to fulfill their duties.
  • Unique souls can absorb the soul of another Unique if they kill it. The Unique Soul that collects 12 Unique Souls from a single universe can shape that universe however it wants. 

Ready Checks:

  • Check 1: Conception – The Universe looks at what Souls are “in play” and other factors to determine if a  Unique Soul should spawn into play for that universe.
  • Check 2: Birth – During labor the Universe checks things again and compares the state of the Earth at birth, to the state of the Earth at conception. Power Levels are boosted, if needed. 


  •  A Unique Soul that has not discovered its power yet. May subconsciously use their abilities, though much weaker than if Awakened.


  • A Unique Soul that is aware of its abilities. To Awaken, a Unique Soul needs a representation of its number on itself. Usually found as a tattoo or nanos.  

Notable Zeroes – Zeroes that contribute to the main universe.

  • Dana Sharp – Develops spiderweave suits using Spider’s Unique Soul.

Inanimate Unique Souls

Inanimates are rare objects created by master craftsman. They pour so much passion into creating the object that it ignites a spark of a soul within the item. Inanimates can put a Zero on equal footing with a Unique Soul, but they also considerably boost the abilities of a Unique. Some Inanimates combo with specific Uniques for an even more powerful boost such as La Sirena with El Arpa, or El Músico with any instrument.

  • #05 – El Paraguas (The Umbrella)
  • #07 – La Escalera (The Ladder)
  • #08 – La Botella (The Bottle) 
  • #09 – El Barril (The Barrel)
  • #13 – El Gorrito (The Bonnet)
  • #16 – La Bandera (The Flag)
  • #17 – El Bandolón (The Mandolin)
  • #18 – El Violoncello (The Cello)
  • #22 – La Bota (The Boot)
  • #29 – El Tambor (The Drum)
  • #31 – Las Jaras (The Arrows)
  • #36 – El Cazo (The Saucepan)
  • #43 – La Campana (The Bell)
  • #44 – El Cantarito (The Pitcher)
  • #48 – La Chalupa (The Canoe)
  • #53 – El Arpa (The Harp)

Plant Unique Souls

Plants are rooted to the Earth they’re born on and cannot* traverse universes. Like Mundos, Plant abilities usually manifest as knowledge of some sort. Often it’s statistical information about the Zeroes around them. 

  • #10 – El Árbol (The Tree)
  • #11 – El Melón (The Melon)
  • #15 – La Pera (The Pear)
  • #28 – La Sandía (The Watermelon)
  • #39 – El Nopal (The Cactus)
  • #41 – La Rosa (The Rose): Roses can speak to roses, feed on sunlight, or sprout thorns from their skin. Recognized Roses: Cedric.
  • #49 – El Pino (The Pine Tree)
  • #51 – La Palma (The Palm Tree)
  • #52 – La Maceta (The Potted Plant)

Animal Unique Souls

These Unique Souls can speak to their animal but they also manifest individual abilities. When outside of their home universe they age 1 year for every 7.

  • #01 – El Gallo (The Rooster): Gallos are one step above Zero souls. They have an aura that attracts Zeroes so that they’re never lonely. They can communicate with chickens. Recognized Gallos: Chuck
  • #19 – La Garza (The Heron)
  • #20 – El Pájaro (The Bird): Birds have the basic ability to speak to all birds including chickens, herons, and parrots. Other abilities can include flight or superhuman sight. Recognized Birds: Robin
  • #24 – El Cotorro (The Parrot)
  • #30 – El Camarón (The Shrimp): Recognized Shrimp: Thunder (Dread’s tiger)
  • #33 – La Araña (The Spider): Spider abilities can include communicating with spiders, producing swarms from within their body, turning their body into a swarm, or the abilities of a spider (sticking to walls, webs). Recognized Spiders: Sebastian Spinne(Spider), Abby Araña
  • #40 – El Alacrán (The Scorpion) Recognized Scorpions: Alan Crane
  • #45 – El Venado (The Deer)
  • #50 – El Pescado (The Fish): Fish have the basic ability to speak to all fishes. Other abilities can include breathing under water and surviving deep pressure. Recognized Fish: Posie
  • #54 – La Rana (The Frog)

Human Unique Souls

These Unique Souls develop superhuman abilities. When outside of their home universe they age 1 year for every 10.

  • #03 – La Dama (The Lady) Damas manifest abilities that let them manipulate any Zero that is attracted to La Dama’s gender. Like all Uniques, their soul can be in any body. Recognized Damas: Jasmine Lee
  • #04 – El Catrín (The Gentleman)
  • #12 – El Valiente (The Brave Man): Recognized Valientes: Ricky
  • #21 – La Mano (The Hand): Manos are gifted with supernatural sleight of hand, to the point of it being considered actual magic by some. La Mano is destined to become a powerful general for its Sol(#46), become its “right hand”. Recognized Manos: Crystal
  • #25 – El Borracho (The Drunk): Borrachos are wildcards. The powers and allegiances of Borrachos are unpredictable. Borrachos have the ability to read probabilities and choose specific outcomes. Recognized Borrachos: Vegas
  • #26 – El Negrito (The Black Man)
  • #32 – El Músico (The Musician): Recognized Músicos: Hector
  • #34 – El Soldado (The Soldier): Recognized Soldados: Paz Guerrero
  • #38 – El Apache (The Apache)

Conqueror Unique Souls

These Unique Souls are born with the potential to conquer their Earth with very little effort. When outside of their home universe they age 1 year for every 100.

  • #02 – El Diablito (The Devil): Devils are powerful Souls. An Awakened Diablito can conquer an Earth with little effort. A Diablito spawns with a powerful ability designed to help it conquer the Earth it is born on. Recognized Diablitos: Rudy Deville(Slumbering). The Demon King
  • #06 – La Sirena (The Mermaid): Sirenas are fun-loving, clever souls. Often carefree and naive, Sirenas cast an aura of empathy that helps keep them safe by changing the feelings of those around them. This aura grows stronger as the Sirena ages. Recognized Sirenas: Ms. Owens. Six(Slumbering).
  • #27 – El Corazón (The Heart): Hearts are finicky. The have immense power, but they can never quite control it. They are destined to become viziers to Sols(#46). Recognized Hearts: Alma(Slumbering).
  • #42 – La Calavera (The Skull): Calaveras are able to become elite loyal enforcers to any Celestial. They form a soul link with Celestials that flows both ways to increase both of their power. The stronger the Calavera is the stronger their partner becomes. The stronger their partner is, the stronger they become. Recognized Calaveras: Dread, Flutter
  • #47 – La Corona (The Crown): Coronas are the consummate Conqueror. La Corona is born to be what Zeroes fear the most at the time, in order to capitalize on that fear. Recognized Coronas: Oren, Lupe Villalobos

Celestial Unique Souls

The most powerful tier of Unique Souls. Celestials are born with the potential to learn how to traverse universes using their own power, with the exceptions of El Mundo and La Luna. Celestials do not age naturally when outside of their home universe.

  • #14 – La Muerte (The Death) Muertes are the strongest of the celestial souls in terms of magical abilities. Their powers often manifest in ways that allow them to control different aspects of time. This includes stopping time, aging someone, or making them young again. Recognized Muertes: Jake Wilson, Threnody, Leonard Tyler
  • #23 – La Luna (The Moon) Lunas are misfired suns. Conceived as a Sol. If the universe decides a Sol is not needed at birth, the soul loses its power and becomes a Luna. Though Lunas are categorized as Celestial souls, they cannot traverse universes under their own power. Like El Gallo, Lunas generate an aura that rallies Unique Souls around them. Recognized Lunas: Aurelio Luna. 23(SoundCrowd)
  • #35 – La Estrella (The Star) Stars are innately able to traverse dimensions once they are Awakened. Recognized Stars: Eva, Quinn
  • #37 – El Mundo (The World) Mundos are the spirit of the Earth. They have no major physical powers of their own. Instead, they gain all knowledge about how Unique Souls work once they are Awakened. Mundos have an attracting aura that ensures Unique Souls find their way to them eventually. A majority of them change their name to Mundo upon Awakening, if it wasn’t already. They are unable to leave the universe they are born in. Recognized Mundos: Mundo, Terra
  • #46 – El Sol (The Sun) Sols are Universal champions. A Sol is born with the potential to be the strongest Unique Soul of the universe it’s born in. Sols generate a powerful aura that guarantees they will be surrounded by powerful Uniques. Recognized Sols: Ballisea, Rega, Jenny

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