Rise and Die (12/18/17)

On one fateful day, everyone in the world received a slip of paper with a date on it. (Date as in M/D/Y) It turns out that this date is when the person closest to you dies. The slip of paper that you have has tomorrow’s date. [Link to post.] “I can never thank any of…

All is Well (12-11-2017)

People lose the ability to dream if they have committed a murder. And you are desperate to end your constant nightmares…[Link to post.] Tuesday. No one expects much on Tuesdays, but this particular Tuesday was a big day for me. Tuesday, today, I get to commit murder. At least that’s how I’ve been looking at…

Cow Puck (12-10-17)

“So why exactly is there a cow on the roof?” [Link to post.] “Yeah, that’s what I’m asking you,” I said with a slight sigh. I burned up all my willpower trying to maintain my patience. “We don’t even own a cow. I talked to you last night, to tell you I’d be home today….

Chuck (El Gallo)

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