Alien Abandonment (1-1-2018)

[WP] After decades, humanity finally discovers why there seems to be no other life in the Milky Way.
Everyone else fled to Andromeda. The new pressing question being: What were they running from?
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“Thank you, Steph,” Dr. Firefly Skywalker said. She nodded toward the committee secretary,
Stephen Zune. He stepped away from the podium and made his way off stage. “And with the
minutes out of the way, let’s start with the old business.” Dr. Skywalker addressed the G.S.C.
The Global Science Council was established in 2130, after Earth finally reached a state of world
peace. Technology grew by leaps and bounds once countries began to work together. With Earth
more or less squared away humanity began to search the stars. In 2136 humanity equipped
Halley’s comet with a colony of probes programmed to detach from the comet and explore its
own corner of space. Each probe held several drones designed for surface scouting. Before long
the probes sent back proof of alien civilizations.

Initially the world was elated to have found proof. The probes continued to explore and find more
and more proof of civilizations, but no actual life. After a century of research and exploration there
was only one conclusion. Dr. Skywalker hoped to retire from head of the G.S.C. before her hunch
was proven. The month before her retirement, one of the probes sent back the proof she hoped
would never be found. She called the meeting. In 2218 she stared out at the room of over 200 of
the world’s top scientists and mathematicians.

“Due to our security protocols, only a handful of you know what I’m about to reveal to the rest of you.
I trust you all to keep the knowledge within the walls of the G.S.C. A few decades ago, before I
accepted this post, master linguists began to decipher several alien languages. Last year one of our
scouting drones discovered something resembling a library, and our linguists got right to work.” Firefly
paused as a murmur of excitement washed through the crowd. She held a hand up to get them to quiet
down. She took a deep breath.

“There’s no easy way to say this, but it needs to be said. So here goes. The reason we are unable to find
any life in the Milky Way is because they all left,” she said. The crowd stayed quiet, each person trying to
guess at the implications for themselves. Firefly continued.

“Once we translated some key symbols found in the library, several other languages became easier. We
learned that all the civilizations we’ve discovered proof of were in communication with each other.” The
silence disappeared as the crowd immediately turned to their neighbors to share their excitement. Dr.
Skywalker spoke up quickly, and loudly, to drive the point home.

“IT IS NOT GOOD NEWS.” She said with volume, but without yelling. The crowd quieted.

“Naturally, after this realization our first question was, ‘Why did everyone leave?’. We have the answer
now, and I’m going to share it with all of you. You’re not going to like it. Ladies, gentlemen, and splicefolk
please take this seriously. I know all of us are here because of our curious natures, but I warn you. What
I am about to say, I believe many of you will wish you did not know. If any of you wish to leave now, please
do. You can live the rest of your life in a peaceful oblivion. I wish I didn’t know what I’m about to tell you.”
She stopped speaking again. Dr. Skywalker was not known for her sense of humor, and several dozen
individuals stood to head towards their nearest exit. She waited another several minutes after they all left,
just to be sure.

“As I’ve said, the alien civilizations were in communication with each other. Much like our G.S.C. they were
working together to advance their sciences. Also, much like our G.S.C. they had their fair share of accidents,
some worse than others. Without dragging it out too long, our answer is ALL these alien civilizations fled the
milky way because of one of these ‘ACCIDENTS’.” Firefly used air quotes. “These civilizations were so scared
of this mishap they relocated to another galaxy entirely.” She looked out over the crowd, and sighed.

“From what we’ve pieced together it seems that they were stockpiling DNA samples from their collective
civilizations into a central location, both for research and backup purposes. Their recorded history mentioned
that one of the samples was tainted with a viral plague that somehow spread to the rest of the samples very
quickly. It mutated with each different alien sample it came into contact with. Their only option was to jettison
the stockpile toward the center of the galaxy while they evacuated. They feared the plague was capable of
infection across the void of space. We put together a timeline,” Dr. Skywalker hung her head, and spoke directly
into the microphone. “Fellow humans, WE are that plague. The primordial soup that we emerged from was a
mess of alien DNA and a sinister, mutating virus.”

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