It has five ‘S’s. (1-8-18)

What endearing tale can you tell me without needing the letter “s”? [Link to post.]
“I don’t follow,” I nodded at my wife. I wanted to prove I believed her, even if I did not fully comprehend.
“They call it the ‘The Effect’.” My wife took my hand, it felt warm and comforting. I felt her lean on me, then I felt a peck on the cheek. “We’ve been married for a long time, but you can’t remember my name, can you?” I hung my head, and knew I couldn’t hide it any longer. During the recent week, I only referred to her with, ‘pumpkin, love, honey’, etc. Every time I needed her attention, the only thing to leave my mouth came in the form of an endearment.
“You think I can’t remember your name, on account of it?” My wife nodded.
“I don’t know how it happened, but I have no doubt that it happened to you.” We were perched on the brown leather couch in our livingroom. Her face looked doleful, and my heart cringed to know I inflicted the hurt. Even if I did it unintentionally, and had no idea of how it happened. I could not bear it.
“I apologize.” I managed to hang my head lower and locked my gaze on the carpet. My wife touched a finger to my mouth, to quiet me.
“Don’t… You’ll only exacerbate it.”
“How long?” I knew of ‘The Effect’. Like everyone in the world, I never expected it to happen to me; to the point that I often forgot it could happen at all. I could not remember much, partially due to the Effect, and partially due to my own mental limitation. I knew death waited, impatiently, for me now.
“We’re in the year 2018. You began calling me ‘Pumpkin’ in 2003.” My wife touched my hand to her cheek. I’ve explained The Effect to you… nearly every month. A talk exactly like the one we’re having now. Every month. I love you, but we won’t have a talk again next month.” My wife pulled me tighter and I felt warm liquid on my arm. I touched her chin and guided her gaze up to me.
“Hey beautiful, tell me your name.” Water dripped down her face, but my wife managed a bright grin for me.
“It’s Susan,” She said.

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