Magical Friendship (1-9-2018)

You rub a lamp and free a genie who grants you 3 wishes (standard Aladdin rules apply).
After you make two foolish wishes, the sly genie manages to ruin your life. In great
resentment, you decide to use your third wish to get revenge on the genie… [Link to post.]

“So are all genies assholes, or just you?” I asked the legless form as it hovered in front of
me. His eyes twinkled. Another fly buzzed out of my mouth while I spoke. I felt it beat its
wings as it came up my esophagus. I almost puked when it bumped my uvula. He laughed,
then shrugged.

“You’re the one that wished you could fly. Now you can. I’ve been told I’m unique among

genies.” He smirked. “You know, you don’t *have* to make your third wish. You can give
it to me.”  

“You think I’m going to do anything for you after you botched my wishes? You know damn
well this,” I opened my mouth wide to let loose a swarm of flies “Is not what I meant when
I said I wanted to fly. And my first wish? I’m the last man on Earth!” The genie had the
gall to punch my shoulder in a friendly manner.

“You’re the most handsome man on Earth, just like you wanted.” He smiled. “It’s not my
fault your wishes are so open to interpretation. Anyway, those were just me having fun.”
His eyes glowed red. “I can be really creative if I put my mind to it. I might for your third
wish, if you choose not to give it to me, that is.”

“And what’s in it for me if I give you my third wish?”

“I could wish myself free, and keep my magic. You help me, I’ll help you.”

“So you don’t get to keep your magic if I wish you free?” The genie formed a pair of legs
and stood next to me, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“I do, but it’s just more meaningful if I do it myself. You can understand that, can’t you?”
I shoved his arm off me.

“I understand that you’re an asshole. Usually I’m fairly compassionate, but you caught me
on a bad day. I thought it was my lucky break when I found your lamp, but made my mood
100 times worse. I’m ready to make my third wish.” I said while staring him in the eyes.
The bottom half of his body dissipated into smoke.

“Are you sure?” He tried to threaten me. I just nodded at him in defiance.

“Let’s see you muck this one up. Ready?” He nodded at me with an evil grin.

“My third wish is for you…” I smiled at him. “…to be free for as long as you are handcuffed to
me while I’m alive and conscious.”

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