Flutter Bye

“This’ll be easy.” I pulled my wife’s bony hand to my lips and kissed it. “You’ll be flesh again
by morning.” I felt the needles of her finger bones caress my cheek; and, she stared at me
with black, empty eye holes. In my mind I still saw them as the same pools of liquid gold that
I fell in love with when we met.

“Congratulations. As trivial as the journey here was, I’ve no doubts of your success,” Monk
said. He placed a hand on my shoulder and smiled at me.

Our success. You two can keep the king’s reward, my wife just wants to kill him.” I said and
turned my focus back toward the entrance to the Demon King’s lair.

“Me first,” Flutter said. The redheaded, mountainous woman walked forward, ahead of us.
The few times I did see her fight were amazing. She was savage, and almost unstoppable.
When she and Monk worked together they were a force of nature. And yet, I knew Flutter
felt disappointed she’d seen such little action on the journey here. My wife’s magic was
powerful enough to deal with any threats we faced. Flutter begged us to let her fight the
few times that she did. Monk followed her forward, then my wife and I followed him. We
entered through the entrance carved into the mountainside, then followed the long stone
hallway. The path did not branch off. No patrols guarded the single, straight corridor.

“I guess there’s no guards. Remember, I get to go first,” Flutter said. In the distance we saw
another arched opening. The room beyond seemed to be glowing with orange light. We
entered the room and the Demon King smiled at us from his tall stone throne. He wore long
red and yellow robes. A pair of black ram horns curled out of the top of his head.

“Ah! I thought I heard guests!” He stood from his throne and stepped toward us. “Come to
beg for something?”

“I’m here to kill you.” Flutter stepped forward holding her sword. During the journey she told
me it was a special blade meant to kill magic users. She did not need any weapons when
fighting ordinary men.

“Oh.” The Demon King snapped his fingers and Flutter burst into flames. “Does that go for
the rest of you too, or do you just want to start begging for your lives now?”  Monk burst into
laughter, and I joined him. Then, Flutter’s voice could be heard laughing too.

“This is gonna be fun!” Flutter yelled and charged at the Demon King. He stepped back with
a look of surprise on his face. As Flutter ran, the flames enveloping her died away. Her
clothes had burned away completely and I admired her naked, scaley form. I remembered
being surprised the first time I met her. She said she didn’t need armor, and I soon found
out why. Flutter was part dragon. She could scale her body at will, and dragon scales are
impenetrable by all weapons and most magic. Monk insisted that she wear no armor, in the
event that she needed healing. He could not heal her through armor and her scales.

Flutter swung at the wizard, but he managed to dodge. He kept trying different spells.
Lightning did nothing to slow her down. A concentrated jet of water shot from the Demon
King’s palm, I noticed the tattoo of the number 2 glowing brightly on his hand. The water
only annoyed her as she kept charging at him, swinging the glowing blade wildly. Monk, my
wife and I stayed back and enjoyed the show.

“He probably wishes he had some guards right about now,” I said. My wife’s teeth clacked
together as she attempted to laugh. Monk chuckled too.

It was only a matter of time. The Demon King seemed to exhaust his magic, then finally
Flutter cleaved through his shoulder. I felt my wife’s brittle fingers squeeze my hand tighter.
The Demon King’s corpse fell to the floor and my wife began walking toward it. A golden,
smokey mist began to billow upward from his body. For a brief second the smoke took the
shape of a devil’s head. Instead of continuing to flow upward it wafted into Flutter’s nostrils
and mouth.

“Oh no,” I said. My wife picked up speed and shambled toward Flutter and the Demon King’s
corpse as fast as she could. I saw Monk take a step forward and I placed a hand on his
shoulder to stop him.

“What’s happening?” He turned to me with panic on his face. I stared at the black cobblestone
on the floor and shook my head.

“I’m sorry, friend. We didn’t know Flutter was a Unique too. My wife is not about to miss her
opportunity. Flutter absorbed the Demon King’s soul, so now my wife has to absorb hers.”

“She can try!” Monk yelled and ran towards Flutter. Small black holes in space opened up
around Flutter and skeleton hands reached through each of them to hold Flutter still. She
tried to wrestle herself free while my wife walked toward her.

“Ballisea! STOP!” Monk ran up behind her. I yanked an invisible chain and pulled him back
before he could touch her. I placed the spell on him when I touched his shoulder, and now
had him back at my feet.

“You can’t stop her. Run away and live. She doesn’t care about you, but she’ll kill you if you
get in her way.”

“FLUTTER!” Monk yelled as he scrambled to his feet again. A skeleton wrestled Flutter’s
sword from her grip then presented it to my wife. I pulled Monk back to the floor again.

“I’m sorry,” I said to him. My wife plunged the magical sword through Flutter’s neck, golden
blood poured out of it. My wife pushed harder and separated the red haired head from
Flutter’s body. The skeletal hands let the corpse and head drop, then they retreated through
their holes. The black holes disappeared as golden smoke began to rise from Flutter’s body.
It took the shape of a skull before it enveloped my wife. Monk sobbed at my feet.

My wife turned to face my direction and walked toward me. I stepped over Monk to meet her.
Each step she took added more flesh to her body. Finally we were face to face, and I stared
into her beautiful golden eyes. She took another step into my arms and I felt her stomach
press against me. She noticed it too.

The solid stone walls, carved into the heart of the mountain, shook from the force of her anger.
I glanced backward and was pleased to see Monk had finally fled. I knew she was angry
enough to slaughter him.

Despite purging her flesh, my wife Ballisea was still pregnant with the Demon King’s child.

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