Pizza and Promises (1-11-18)

Magic, it happens, is real ; it just takes an innate talent. You and your best friend have it, and just learned about it. [Link to post.]

“This is fantastic!” Hector said. He waved his fingers in the air and released a rainbow of light shaped like musical notes. “We know magic!” Hector danced around in the center of his room, surrounded by by a whirlwind of different colored musical notes. His best friend Ricky sat on the bed and stared at him with a less enthusiastic look on his face. Ricky waved his own hands in the air, he released sparks of purple energy.

“We can *use* magic,” Ricky said. He shook both of his hands and purple energy sprinkled out like a powder. “But I wouldn’t say we *know* magic. Why do you get the cool rainbow notes?” Ricky stood up from the bed and walked toward Hector. He bumped into a green note in the air.

“OW!” Ricky yelled. His hand shot to his upper arm where the note hit.

“Sorry! I didn’t know they did that!” Hector’s panic caused the notes to disappear from the air. He ran
to Ricky’s side to check the damage. Instead of letting him see, Ricky threw a handful of purple powder at Hector’s face.

“Yeah, I don’t know what mine does either.” Ricky laughed at Hector’s frantic movements to get the dust off his face.

“LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP!!” Hector yelled “NO!” He stepped back and stumbled to the ground. He panicked and crab walked backward to a corner of his room. His eyes were wide and his chest heaved with fast, deep breaths. “GO AWAY!!” Tears poured from Hector’s eyes. He rolled curled into his body and buried his head in his knees. “pleaase…” he whimpered.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry!” Ricky shook his hands, unsure of what else to do. Purple powder fell from his hands as he tried to end the effect. He walked to Ricky’s side and knelt down next to him on the floor. “Heck? Hey man, snap out of it.” After several moments Hector looked up with red puffy eyes.

“Whoa.” He elbowed Ricky in the ribs, and allowed his friend to help him up. “Don’t ever do that again… to anyone. That was terrifying.” Hector took several deep breaths to try and calm himself down again. The paranoia was not entirely gone, but it was manageable. Ricky helped his friend sit down on the bed and sat down next to him.

“These things are crazy, man. We’ve really gotta learn how to use them properly, before anyone gets really hurt.” Hector released a golden note into the air. It hit a wall and disappeared. Nothing happened.

“Yeah, but I wish we knew where it came from. I’d love to see if we could get more, or maybe different powers,” Ricky said.

“We got our tattoos a few days ago, maybe the guy used magic ink or something?” Hector lifted his right foot to the bed and pulled down his sock to admire the tattoo. At 14 he needed to keep it hidden from his parents. It was a red and black electric guitar with the number 32, his favorite number, in golden numbers on the soundboard. Ricky put his left hand near Hector’s ankle to look at his tattoo also. It was a dagger with a scroll around it. On the scroll the number 12 was written in gold. Ricky’s parents passed away, so there was no one to punish him for getting a tattoo so young.

“Maybe,” Ricky said. He did not sound convinced. “Anyway, let’s go test these out somewhere. I wanna see what we can do.”

“That’s a good idea, just take it easy with that stuff,” Hector said. The two left Hector’s house and walked to the nearby shopping district. The square was packed with people streaming in and out of shops. The smell of food hit Hector’s nose.

“Hey, maybe we shouldn’t do magic on an empty stomach,” Hector said. He smiled at Ricky and led the way to their favorite pizza shop. The waitress smiled at them as they walked in. Hector nodded at the cute girl.

“Usual,” Hector said. Ricky nodded in agreement and they sat down at their regular table. Ricky’s hand hovered over the rustic wooden table, and he winked at Hector.

“I’m gonna try something,” he said. He released a small, single speck of purple powder from his hand onto the table. The waitress brought their sodas and Ricky flicked the speck of powder at her. She jumped with a yelp the instant it touched her. The sodas spilled all over her uniform, and the glasses shattered on the floor.

“I’M SO SORRY!” The waitress yelled than ran away to the back of the kitchen. Hector kicked Ricky’s shin under the table.

“Asshole, leave her alone!”

“I was just testing it out, we have to learn don’t we? What’s wrong, you like her? She’s like 20, man. She’s not going to be into a kid like you.” Ricky grinned at Hector.

“She’s always nice to us is all, just leave her alone.” Hector grabbed the napkin dispenser and stood from the table. He knelt on the floor to clean up the glass and soda. Hector heard some noises coming from the kitchen, then the cook walked out wheeling a bucket and mop. He reached the table and apologized.

“Janie’s sorry guys. She thought she saw a giant spider on her hand or something. I dunno. I sent her home,” the cook said. He began to pull the mop out, but Hector stopped him.

“I’ll take care of it, just don’t let our pizzas burn,” he smiled at the cook. The cook nodded and walked back to the kitchen. Hector knelt down again to make sure he picked up all the glass, then he mopped up the soda. While he worked Ricky stared at him with annoyance.

“Man, you are too nice.” Ricky complained after Hector returned the mop bucket and sat down again. He brought fresh drinks for both of them. A young woman in a purple and gold hoodie appeared at the side of their table. Hector looked up at her. He caught a twinkle of purple behind her eyes, though the hood kept most of her face in shadow. Her hands were in the front pocket.

“You’re definitely too nice, but that’s a good thing!” the woman said. Her hand moved out of her pocket to pull the hood down. Her blue glowing hair was not as surprising as her golden hands.

“I’m Jenny, can I sit down and talk to you guys for a bit?” She asked. She placed a couple of bills on the table. “I’ll pay for your lunch.” A golden number 46 glowed on her forehead. 

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