Unique Birth (1-15-18)

Whilst out exploring the woods you stumble upon a dragon who has yet to see you. You have only heard stories of dragons from the village elders and thought they were a myth. The sight of such a monster freezes you in your tracks. [Link to post.]

I held my breath and stared at the giant, golden scaled hide shining in the sun. I heard voices. A woman’s voice that sounded magical. It was the prettiest voice I’d ever heard. But I could say that about any girl’s voice I guess. I was only nine, and raised by monks. Then I heard a man’s voice replying. His voice somehow sounded just as magical. I concentrated to try and sneak closer without making a sound. Though I’ve been with the monks as far as I could remember, they only began training me two years ago. I still hadn’t mastered moving quietly, and it took a lot of focus. I hid in the shadows by a tree at the edge of the clearing, and listened.

“It’s almost time! I’m so excited!” The female voice said.

“She’ll be the first of her kind,…” The male voice said. His voice wavered with worry. “I just hope she’s healthy.” I tried to lean to see who else was talking, and slipped. I landed on several sticks and the sound of them breaking cracked throughout the clearing. I stood up and found myself face to face with a giant golden snout, and pair of deep royal purple eyes. Each eye was bigger than my head.

“Hello, child. What’s your name?” I saw the dragon’s lips move, and her beautiful voice tickled the back of my mind.

“M-mm-monk.” I said.

Monk? That’s an odd name.” I heard the male voice and looked around for another dragon. Instead, I saw a glittering green ball flying around. It left a trail of green dust everywhere it flew. It stopped and floated in front of me. It was a small man with green fluttering wings that looked like butterfly wings. Green powder landed on me as he flew by, then I didn’t feel scared of them anymore.

“The monks said I had to give up my name to live at the monastery. Everyone there is Monk,” I said. The small man nodded, then I heard another loud crack come from the clearing.

“It’s time!” The big dragon yelled, then turned away. The green fairy smiled at me and waved me to follow him.

“Monk, you must be very lucky to have been guided here right now. Come and meet our new daughter.” He flew toward the center of the clearing, and I followed him. I saw a giant green and gold egg as big as I was. The number 42 was on the side of the egg in green. The top was already cracked open. A human hand, the same size of mine reached out from inside.

“Remember what we talked about dear,” the fairy said. Then, he looked at me. “Monk, you will learn many secrets today, and we ask that you keep them to yourself. Can you do that for us?” I nodded my head as hard and as fast as I could and he smiled. Then he began to grow bigger. I looked over to the giant golden dragon and she began to shrink and change shape. In moments they looked like a pair of normal humans. The fairy had long black hair, and his face looked smooth and young. The dragon was a beautiful woman with short red hair and pale skin. The woman stared at the egg with wide purple eyes, and the man waved me closer to the egg.

“Wow, you can change shape?” I asked. Their magic was the most amazing thing I’d seen.

“My wife and I met while we were disguised as humans. We honestly didn’t know what the other was until she got pregnant accidentally,” the man said. He shrugged and chuckled. “We decided that if the she looked human, that’s how we would meet her, then explain everything to her later.” I heard the loudest crack yet and we all turned to the egg. A small girl about my height stood up and kicked the shell pieces away from her. She had a full head of long red hair and looked around at all of us. Without a word she turned and reached her arms up to her mother for a hug. The mother smiled and reached down to pick her up.

“Hello, Flutter. We’ve been waiting for you.”

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