Hopeful Princess (1-21-18)

Sunday Free Write [Link to post.]

“Hey, number four. You there, guy?” The ranger asked. He wore red leather armor with a red and white quiver slung over his back. The ranger poked at the black mannequin with the number 4 hovering above its head. The number 1 hovered over above the ranger’s head. He looked around at the at the rest of the group and shrugged.

“Let’s give them another minute,” the priest said. She looked at a scroll to indicate she was in the menu. “I need one more full clear to get the achievement.” The number 5 hovered over her head.

“Sorry, I’m here,” the mannequin said. Clothes appeared on it, then it came to life. In took the appearance of a monk. He wore green robes embellished with golden threads. The number 04 sparkled over his heart.

“Hey your numbers match.” The thief said. He used a dagger to point up to the number 3 above his head then pointed to the 04 on the newcomer’s chest. The monk smiled.

“Yeah it’s my lucky number. This is going to be a great run,” the monk said. A loud clanking distracted him and he looked down on the ground. Their knight stood up and dusted herself off.

“All ready?” She asked. After a second glowing green checkmarks appeared in front of all of them. “Alright, let’s get to it.” A green checkmark appeared in front of the knight, then they all disappeared.

“Anyone new to this quest?” The knight asked. She lead the way forward through dusty ravine.

“I am,” The thief said. The knight stopped outside the mouth of a cave, then nodded at the thief.

“Alright, it’s way simple.” She gestured to the cave with her head. “We’re going in there to rescue a princess, she’s locked in a cage at the back. Getting in will be easy, no monsters. After we let her out of the cage there’ll be five ambushes on the way out. We have to escort her out of the cave safely. Just DPS the goblins down. Number four, protect the priest. Number 5 keep the princess alive. If any one dies they can be rezzed after the ambush is cleared. Everyone got that?” The other four members of the team nodded at the knight. The group of adventurers entered the cave, and they chatted while they traveled to the end of it.

“How long have you guys had the tech?” The thief asked. The tech required to play the game is extremely advanced. No one knows how the game world came to be, but every world that discovers the tech to cross dimensions eventually learns how to access the game. It requires temporarily loading your consciousness into another dimension. “We just discovered it two years ago.”

“Going on ten years here,” the knight said.

“Seven,” The priest and red ranger said at the same time. “We’re from the same universe,” the Ranger explained.

“I’m only 14, but the tech was already here when I was born,” the monk said.

“Lucky!” The thief slapped the monk on the back.

“There she is!” The knight ran ahead to a beautiful woman trapped in a giant cage made out of bones. She touched the lock and the door swung open. The princess stepped out.

“Thank you for rescuing me. Please guide me to the entrance of the cave. From there I can journey safely to my home,” the princess said. She stared blankly at the knight. The knight turned to face the group.

“You guys ready?” She asked. The monk noticed that the princess looked sad when the knight turned away. Green arrows appeared in front of everyone in the group and the knight turned to face the princess. The princess’ face resumed it’s blank appearance. The princess began to walk toward the mouth of the cave. The ranger ran ahead.

“I’ll trap the first ambush.” The group turned a corner and found the ranger waiting for them. Ahead three traps lay around a crack on the floor.

“The ambush will trigger when she steps on the crack,” the priest said. The adventurers stood back while the princess continued her walk.

“Shield!” The priest cast a spell on the princess a second before her foot stepped on the crack. Then, she triggered the ambush.

“You’ll never escape Princess!” Screampig yelled. Three goblins appeared behind the named one and they rushed towards the princess. Each trap activated and flames engulfed the three goblins. The priests’ spell protected the princess from the flames, but Screampig ran towards the princess and swung his mace at her.

“Sorry, Princess.” Screampig said, then attacked her again.

“Huh?” The monk said. He looked at the rest of the group, but no one else seemed to notice. Before the monk could say anything the thief appeared behind the goblin. 

“Pokey Pokey.” The thief shoved both daggers into the goblin from behind. The goblin disappeared leaving glittering coins. 

“C’mon let’s run to the next one.” The knight bolted forward, followed by the thief and the ranger. 

“Go ahead,” the monk nodded at the priest. “I’ll walk with the princess, just in case there’s any rare spawns.” 

“Okay!” The priest waved and ran ahead to join the group. When the monk was alone with the princess he turned.

“Did that goblin apologize to you earlier?”

“Yeah. He feels bad that he has to attack me all the time.” The princess said while she kept walking. She took two more steps, stopped, then turned around. She grabbed the monk by the shoulders and shook him hard.

“I CAN TALK TO YOU!!” Her eyes filled with tears.  “Help me escape.”

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