Demo Spiders(1-24-18)

Flash Fiction Challenge – Location: An Arcade | Object: A ladybug [Link to post.]

“Ladies, gentlemen,” the woman looked over the small crowd. She hand picked each of them for the
presentation. She smiled convincingly, “Investors. I’ve worked close enough with each of you that
you know how fast I move.” She winked towards the deepest pockets. “So I’ll get to the point.” The
woman turned her back toward the crowd. Her long dark hair bounced while she walked toward an
arcade machine illuminated by spotlight. The machine was one of dozens in the old abandoned arcade.

“This is the past.” She pushed the machine over. She reached behind her back, then her hand came
forward holding a small leather wristband with a golden button on it. “This is the future. This harnesses
soul energy for any powers we program, and the safety features are all hardwired. This is the ultimate
game.” The woman waved to someone in the crowd. A young girl wearing a ladybug shirt and black tights
with red polka dots walked to the presenter.

“This is my daughter. She’s six.” The little girl lifted her wrist and the woman put the wristband on.
The girl centered herself in front of the crowd and smiled. She pressed the button and instantly a
swarm of tiny golden spiders crawled out of the bracelet and enveloped her wrist. The swarm crawled
up her arm and down the rest of her body until a tight golden bodysuit enveloped the girl from the
neck down. The woman pointed upward. Spotlights shined on a giant wrecking ball. The ball dropped
and landed on top of the little girl. She caught it and pushed it aside with ease. The investors stood
and applauded. Dana Sharp knew she just earned the funding she needed.

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