Step into my Parlor (1-25-18)

 They missed [Link to post.]

Sparks popped off the far wall, behind [Sebastian Spinne](, the man with spiders coming out of his beard. Security personnel rushed into the room when the orderly hit the alarm, but the sight of the spider swarm left them uneasy. They fired stun lasers. They missed.

Dana Sharp turned to check why the security guards had not fired again. They were on the ground, covered in black widow spiders, probably dead. A sea of spiders surrounded Dana and her assistant, Melody. They stood in front of the disheveled man. He scratched at his beard while he stared at the women. A spider crawled out of it, up the side of his face, and into his ear.

“We had an agreement, where’s my money?” Sebastian asked. Dana nodded.

“We still have an agreement. The money is on its way.”

“Then why they tryin’a kill me?” He pointed at the corpses of the guards. Dana shook her head.

“Just a precaution, because, well you have spiders crawling out of you. They weren’t trying to kill you.” Dana began to walk toward one of the corpses, the spiders skittered out of the way to allow her to walk. She picked up one of the stun rifles.

“Melody?” Dana said with a smile.

“Yes, Ms. Sharp?” The young assistant gave Dana her full attention. Then a blast of blue energy hit the assistant in the stomach and she fell over. The spiders cleared out from under her.

“See? Stun gun.” She tossed the gun aside. Sebastian nodded. The spider swarm trickled to him across the floor. They crawled up his legs, chest, neck and into his beard.

“Thank you, Spider.” Dana said. She smiled knowing that was the last time she would have to humor him with that stupid name. The door opened, allowing another security guard to enter the room. He held a black briefcase, and he stepped over the corpses of the other guards without flinching. He approached Dana and handed her the briefcase. Dana walked to the examination table and placed the briefcase on it, then she waved Sebastian over closer.

“Here you go, 10 million dollars as promised.” Dana opened the briefcase to show off the neatly organized piles of hundred dollar bills.

“Woooww,” Sebastian scratched his beard while he admired the sight. Dana took advantage of is distraction by signaling the orderly in the other room with a thumbs up gesture. When she did the white lights in the room began to slowly transition to blue. In seconds blue light filled the room, and gentle hum electricity could be heard.

“Do you know how we learned about souls, Mr. Spinne?” The man shoved the case shut and pulled it up to his chest to protect it.

“My name is Spider!” black spiders crawled out of his beard and onto the briefcase to help protect it.

“It was purely by accident. An unfortunate accident that left someone dead in this room, but it turns out the experiments we were running were able to trap their soul.” Dana smiled and looked around the room in admiration.

“You can trap souls in here?” Spider took a step toward the door. It was his last step.

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