Minute to win it (1-28-18)

The clock says 60 seconds but you don’t know what it’s for. [Link to post.]

I woke up in a twin sized bed, in a white room. I felt around on the bed, the sheets were white silk. I wore a set of white cotton pajamas that I knew I didn’t own. I turned off the bed and stepped on the cold white marble floor. I looked around. No windows, no sign of a door.

“Hello?” I said. “I’m awake.” I expected something, but got nothing. The room stayed silent. A small white table sat in the middle of the room with a single chair in front of it. On the table I saw a small black box. I took a seat at the table and stared at the box. It was a beautiful wooden box painted with the darkest black I’d ever seen. I picked up the box to get a better look and found a note under it.

“60 seconds. Stop. Go.” The note appeared to be typed in a typewriter. I looked around the room, now looking for anything that resembled a camera. I suddenly felt like I was being watched, though I have no idea where the sensation came from. I opened the box and a panel inside lit up with numbers. “60.” I set the open box on the table and stared at the blue glowing numbers inside it. The numbers did not change until I remembered the note.

“Go,” I said, trying it out. The clock changed immediately and began counting down. 59 now showed on the face of the clock with a circle around it getting smaller to tick off the milliseconds.  “Stop.” I said. The clock stopped and showed 60 seconds again. I tried it again. “Go.”  I waited until the clock hit 30 seconds and told it to stop again. It reset at 60.

“Go.” I tried it again, then reset it again at five seconds. I was unsure what would happen if it reached zero, but I had fun playing with it in the mean time. I let time pass, then I got back into the bed. I was starting to get hungry and I assumed if I was a prisoner someone would feed me. I woke up in the same room with nothing moved, nor any sign of food or water. I tried waiting it out. I don’t know how many nights I got into bed, or if they were nights at all. I tried counting time with the clock, but it got tedious after the first hour. Finally I decided that the clock needed to reach zero in order to get something else to happen. 

“Go.” I said, and it started counting down. I left the box on the table and crawled onto the bed. I wanted to watch it from a safe distance. The timer reached zero, and the numbers turned into flat dashes. The lights went out and the once brilliant room was now pitch black. The dashes changed color from blue to red, then the numbers changed. It started at 1. I realized I could hear a high pitched noise, and it grew louder as the clock counted up. After 5 seconds my head was killing me. At 10 seconds it became unbearable.

“Stop!” I yelled. I held my hands over my ears trying to shut out the pain. The lights came back on and the clock reset to a blue number 60. “Go.” I said again. It counted down from 60, then the lights went out when the clock changed to red. Once again I barely made it to 10 seconds before I had to stop it. I wondered how I was going to survive the 60 seconds.

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