Death by Chocolate (2-7-18)

[WP] You are a barista at a cafe where rather than ordering a shot of espresso with their coffee, customers can order shots of various temporary super powers. [Link to post.]

“Welcome to Rabid Rabbit’s Coffehouse,” the manager smiled and shook my hand. He wore a dark brown polo shirt with rabbit head logo on the back. The rabbit’s eyes were bloodshot. “Glad to have you aboard. Since it’s your first day we’ll start you off easy with the morning rush.” He handed me a clipboard.

“These are standing orders. Get them ready, the customers will be here in half an hour to pick up their orders.” I nodded and took the clipboard.

“Yes sir, no problem!” I smiled and made my way to the lab. Landing this job was just the first step, if I did well enough I could work my way up the ladder. I checked the list and got to work.

“4 Super Suites,” I said to myself to keep the order straight in my head. I ran down the recipe I’d learned during my training. The Super Suite was an orange juice smoothie containing orange juice, yogurt, ice, and a shot of Ultra. Ultra affected most people the same way. Standard super strength, super speed, flight, and even laser eyes. Depending on the person it lasted 2 to 3 hours. I finished the four drinks and set them aside. Once that was done I moved on to the next order.

“4 Dark Shadows.” Dark chocolate frappucino with a shot of Evil. Evil is the chocolate version of Ultra. Pretty much the same powers, but better tasting. I reached for the bottle of Evil, and it felt light. I shook it, but saw no sign of the brown liquid inside.

“Hey! They’re here for the 4 Dark Shadows!” I heard my manager call back from the cash register.

“Done in a sec!” I yelled back. I shook my hands in panic. I knew who this order was for, and if it wasn’t ready they would probably lose their temper. Suddenly it hit me. I poured out some Ultra in a cup and added chocolate syrup. Mixed it up and portioned it out into the 4 Dark Shadows. I brought the drinks up and saw him standing there. My hands gripped the cup holder as I tried to fight my fear off. At Rabid Rabbit’s we catered to heroes and villains. Black Dragon waited patiently at the counter as I set his drinks down. I let my manager ring him up and fled to back to the safety of the lab.

“4 Super Suites ready?” My manager appeared at the door and I pointed to the counter. I sat in a chair and stared at the ground. He took the drinks, then returned several minutes later to check on me.

“Wow. That was really Black Dragon.” The manager put a hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, he comes by every morning. If you can’t handle it let me know and I’ll move you to the night shift.”

“No. I’ll be fine. Just didn’t expect to see so much evil on my first day. Why are we even serving villains?”  He slapped my back. I looked up and saw a goofy smile on his face.

“Wanna know something they don’t teach you in training?”  I nodded. He waved me over to the drink counter. He grabbed the Evil bottle.

“Hey, it’s empty, better get some more. But, before that I can answer your question.” He held up the bottle of Evil in front of my eyes. “This is why we serve villains. If they get their drinks from us, we can control what goes in them. Anything that says ‘Evil’,” He pointed at the flavored variations. Evil Strawberry, Evil Banana, Evil Peanut Butter. “They’re all super watered down, that way the heroes win.”

“Guys! It’s all over the news!” One of the other guys ran into the lab shouting. “Black Dragon just *killed* Supreme Man.”

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