Beta Reality (2-9-18)

[WP] Reality is my playground… [Link to post.]

Eva opened her eyes and smiled at the golden sunlight. She sat up in her small bed and stared at the field of golden wheat illuminated by the morning sun. Her bed rested in the middle of the field; she loved sleeping under the open sky. 

“You’re awake!” Oren appeared at the side of Eva’s bed, waist deep in wheat. The pale boy with the widow’s peak smiled at Eva. “Let’s play!” Eva brought her wrist up to check the time. A stream of red dots ran from her shoulder, down her arm and up her wrist. The time glowed in red on her wrist by the time she completed the motion. 

“Sorry shortstuff, gotta start getting ready for work. Jake should be back soon.” Eva stretched her arms up to the bright blue sky, then slid herself out of bed. Oren kicked at the wheat.

“You guys don’t even need jobs… ” Oren whined. 

“We don’t, but it’s nice. It helps us feel normal. Besides, you should be happy Jake’s working. He gets loads of ideas for this place.” Eva spread her arms wide to indicate the field. “And unlike you, Jake and I have to eat food. So we need money to do shopping.”

“You guys don’t need money either!” Oren stomped his foot. He trampled the wheat, leaving golden stems broken and bent in the imprint of his shoe. Eva walked to Oren and flicked his forehead with her finger. 

“Like I said, we like to feel normal.” Eva grabbed her duffle bag and mussed Oren’s hair. “Alright, I’m gonna go home to get ready. See you after work.” 

“Yeah, yeah.” Oren kept wrapped his arms at his chest and looked annoyed. Eva held her hand in mid-air, she opened a shimmering dark purple portal. She began to step through and looked back at Oren.

“Oh yeah, clean up a bit will you? Jake said he was gonna bring some beta testers today.” Oren’s face lit up, his eyes sparkled red. 

“Really?!” Eva winked at him and stepped through the portal. It disappeared behind her. Hours later a dark black portal opened. Oren ran to the portal ready to greet Jake. Four men and two women stepped out of the dark hole in reality. Oren stepped toward the man in front wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. 

“Hey Jake! Who’re your friends?” Jake smiled at Oren and looked behind him. His guests looked around the wheat field in bewilderment. 

“Guys. Hey guys!” Jake snapped his fingers to get their attention. “Welcome to Jake’s World.”

“Oren’s World!” Oren shouted next to him. 

“We’re still working on a name, but either way…” Jake extended his arm and bowed at the waist to present the world. “Welcome.” One of the women, a coworker in her mid20s wearing glasses, raised her hand.

“You said you were gonna show us a video game you were working on, where are we?” Oren stepped forward and began talking before Jake could respond. Red light glowed in his hand, and he pointed it at the crowd of strangers.

“Welcome to a parallel world. Here, reality is my playground.” The light formed a shiny copper sword in Oren’s hand. The tip of the blade pointed toward the woman that asked the question.

“This whole world is like a real life MMO,” Jake added. 

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