X-Pets (2-10-18)

[WP] Super Powers exist but it’s animals, not humans, that have them. [Link to post.]

Matt woke up to a moist assault on his face. He shoved off the furry attacker, laughing the whole time. The coppery red doberman continued to play with Matt while he woke up. 

“I’m awake, I’m awake!” Matt shoved the dog down on the bed and rubbed its belly aggressively. “Time for breakfast?” Matt asked. The dog’s ears immediately perked up and it rolled over on its stomach to hop off the bed. Matt stepped out of bed and slipped on his robe. He walked to the kitchen with the doberman behind him. Matt cut through the living room and another red doberman perked his head up. The second dog sat on Matt’s recliner chewing on a toy. It hopped off the seat and followed Matt and the other dog to the kitchen. 

In the kitchen a third red doberman lay flat on the white tiles in front of his food bowl. He looked sad, but sat up in a hurry when he noticed Matt. His tail began wagging. Matt walked to the pantry and opened it to grab the bag of dog food. When he turned back around he was surrounded by four red dobermans, each tail flailing to and fro. The moved with him at every step.

“Hey! You’re gonna make me trip!” Matt yelled, but they continued to bound around him. After taking longer than he should have, Matt reached the stainless steel pair of bowls. One food, one water. He turned around to stare at the group of wagging tails. He knelt low and held up his right index finger straight up, in front of one of the dogs. 

“Time to eat. Only one.” Matt patted the head of one of the dogs. The other three dogs walked into one, and disappeared. “Good boy, Jamie!” He stood out of the way and the single dog went right for the food bowl. With the dog fed Matt made his way to the den to start his work day. He telecommuted from home. He walked into the small, sunlit room. He headed towards his glass and metal desk, but sighed when he saw Blobbert. A white and orange cat lay comfortably on Matt’s laptop on top of the desk. Matt kicked himself mentally when he realized he left his laptop out. 

“C’mon Blobbert! Move!” He knew it would not do anything, but Matt still tried shoving the cat off of his computer. His hand sunk in like he pushed at a bowl of jello. The cat’s fur closed around his hand, and the cat looked unconcerned. It mewed gently then closed its eyes. Blobbert let his head fall and drifted to sleep with Matt’s hand still in him. The doorbell rang and the cat did not flinch. Three barking dogs ran to the front door. Matt sighed and pulled his hand out. He walked past Jamie still eating at his bowl in the kitchen. His three copies barked at the front window. 

“Calm down!” Matt yelled. The barking stopped, but the three dogs remained. Matt opened the door to an older military man. He wore lots of ribbons, and his rank consisted of stars not stripes. Matt’s boss.

“Sorry, Blobbert’s blocking my laptop. I’m not that late logging in, am I? ” Matt brought his wrist up to check the time, but the man in the military suit waved him off. 

“No, that’s not why I’m here. We’ve got something else happening.” The man nodded toward the interior of the house and raised an eyebrow at Matt.

“Oh right! Sorry, come in.” The man stepped in and the three dogs swarmed around him to welcome him with moist tongues and wagging tails. “You know Jamie.” The man nodded and patted the heads of all the dogs. Matt led his boss to the den. His laptop sat free on the desk, Blobbert was nowhere in sight. “*Damn cat just wants to make me look bad*.” He complained to himself while he put the laptop up vertically on a shelf so that Blobbert couldn’t trap it again. “So, what’s going on, Sir?” Matt asked. He sat in a chair across from his boss. One of the Jamie clones jumped on the couch next to him while the other two received pats from the older man. 

“I needed to come inspect the place,” the general said. He looked around the room, admiring the mancave decor. 

“Inspection, sir?” Matt felt beads of sweat form on his forehead. “But all the animals are healthy and accounted for.” The general nodded, then moved a dog from his lap to stand up. 

“Oh don’t worry. I’m sure you’re doing a fine job fostering these animals. The inspection is just of the facilities. We found a new super animal, and we’re going to need to build an enclosure here to house it.”

“Oh, okay.” Matt relaxed visibly. “What do we know about it so far?”

“It has the elemental powers of wind. We’re going to need to install an aquarium.”

“An aquarium, sir?” 

“It’s a shark. The lab boys think they’re funny and they’re calling it Sharknado.”

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