Quarter of Prevention (2-12-18)

[WP] A man approaches you with a bottle of pills and says he’ll pay you $100,000 for each pill you take. You’ve been taking them for 15 days now and nothing has happened. [Link to post.]

“Good to see you, Andy. On time, as usual,” Doctor Wright said. The older man with a bald head and white beard let Andy, a younger man in his mid 20s, step into his house. The younger man wore blue jeans and plaid long sleeve shirt. Andy stepped into the now familiar foyer. 15 days ago was the first time he stepped into the doctor’s house, and had been returning daily since.

“Thanks, doc. Being on time is the least I can do for the money your dishing out,” Andy said. He smiled at the doctor. The older gentleman closed the front door and led Andy to the lab on the other side of the house. Andy took his usual seat in the metal chair when they entered the white room. 

“Today’s a special day, Andy. It’s your last day.” Doctor Wright turned to face Andy while brandishing a knife. “Would you like you some cake to celebrate?” Andy waved off the sweet offer. 

“No thanks doc, just the pill. But what do you mean it’s my last day?” The older man left the cake and knife on the table and walked to a cabinet where he kept Andy’s pills. He chuckled.

“I’m wealthy, but I’m not rich enough to keep this going indefinitely. This was a trial run, and I’ve gathered all the information I needed. You’ve been an excellent test subject though, and you’ll be included if I need to do more testing in the future.” Doctor Wright returned to Andy’s side holding the glass pill bottle. Inside it were the dark red, translucent gel capsules he’d been taking daily.

“So do I get to learn what the study was about?” Andy picked up the single pill offered by Doctor Wright and swallowed it dry. Doctor Wright shook his head.

“Sorry. Double Blind, even I don’t know. I’m just documenting the side effects, which you’ve had none of.” Doctor Wright patted Andy on the shoulder. “Thanks for making my job easier,” he said with a smile. 

“Right. Anyway, well then I guess this is it. Thanks, doc.” Andy smiled at the older gentleman and stood from the metal chair. Doctor Wright shook Andy’s hand, then walked him out to the front door. 

“Thank you, Andy. I’ll be in touch if there’s further opportunities. As usual, today’s money has already been deposited. Have a great day.” Doctor Wright closed the door. His daughter’s voice came out of the kitchen behind him, and he jumped slightly.

“You did it!” Before he knew what was going on his daughter’s arms were wrapped tightly around him while she cheered and bounced. “You did it!” She kissed his cheek. “You saved the world.” Doctor Wright smiled and shook his head. “Can you believe the government just wanted to *kill* him?” The young woman said. 

“They would have had to if he missed a day.” Doctor Wright smiled. “I’m glad I got to him early enough.”

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