Tag. You’re it. (2-22-18)

[WP] You and your arch-rival have the power of reincarnation. You have been finding and killing each other over and over since the dawn of pre-historic man, until modern times. [Link to post.]

“Yeah, I’m totally looking forward to it!” Mary’s face lit up as she chatted with Fiona. She sat in her office with the door closed talking on her cell phone. Her dark brown eyes twinkled thinking about the night ahead. “Uhuh, okay. I’ll see you at seven. Bye gorgeous.” She hung up the phone. Mary found Fiona through a dating app, and they seemed very compatible. It turned out they were both very busy women, and in the month she’s spent getting to know Fiona they did not have time to meet. Tonight was finally the night. They texted and video chatted constantly, somehow Mary felt comfortable with Fiona. As if she’d known her all her life. 

She gathered her things and walked out of her office. Mary borderline frolicked through the empty halls towards the exit, unable to remember the last time she was this excited to meet someone. It was 5:30, and she knew everyone else bolted at five on the dot. Unfortunately that was not one of her luxuries as boss. Still, she cut out earlier than usual. It was Friday night, and she barely had time to get ready for her big date. 

Mary arrived at the upscale restaurant 10 minutes early, and found Fiona waving at her from a table with a giant smile on her face. Fiona’s black hair was cut short, framing her delicate face perfectly. Mary almost lost herself in Fiona’s light coffee colored eyes. Mary approached the table and Fiona stood to hug her. Mary walked toward her, but appreciated the way the black dress wrapped around Fiona like plastic wrap. She felt almost dumpy in her own favorite “little black dress”. Her anxiousness melted away instantly the moment Fiona wrapped her arms around her. It seemed liked her date knew all the right things to say. 

“You look *amazing*,” Fiona whispered in her ear. They’d shared some intimacy online, but it still came as a welcome surprise when Fiona nibbled her ear after the compliment. Mary kissed Fiona’s cheek in return.

“Thanks. That’s a big compliment coming from someone as beautiful as you,” Mary said. They sat down, and within seconds a handsome older waiter appeared at their table. She felt unease again when she realized the waiter’s uniform was nicer than most of her wardrobe. He seemed unable to take his eyes off of Fiona, a sentiment that Mary understood completely. Fiona ordered wine for them, which Mary appreciated. She knew nothing about wine, but knew from their chats that Fiona was a bit of a connoisseur. The waiter nodded and smiled at Fiona, then left the table. They made comfortable small talk while holding hands, then after a few minutes Fiona excused herself to the restroom. While she was gone the waiter returned with the wine and began to pour. 

“This is a great wine your date chose,” he said. Mary shrugged. 

“If you don’t mind my saying, you two make a beautiful couple,” The waiter said with a bit of a grin. 

“Thanks,” Mary smiled. “We’re not a couple yet, but I’m hopeful.” She took a big gulp of wine. 

“Oh? Haven’t known her long, then?” The waiter finished pouring Fiona’s glass and turned to top off Mary’s glass. 

“Technically no, but there’s something there. It feels like I’ve known her forever.” The waiter nodded while refilling Mary’s glass each time she took a sip. 

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve got someone like that too.” The waiter smiled. “I’ll come back for your orders in a bit.” He left the bottle at the table and disappeared into the kitchen. Fiona returned to the table and took a sip of wine. 

“What’d I miss?” Fiona asked.

“Just some appreciation from the waiter, he definitely earned a tip,” Mary replied. She picked up her menu and browsed through it. She decided on the least fancy fish meal she could find, Mary had always been a simple girl. She noticed Fiona had not looked at her menu yet.

“Already know what you’re gonna get?” Mary asked. Fiona winked at her.

“I always know what I’m gonna get,” Fiona said, and lightly licked her lips. Mary felt her cheeks grow hot, and the corners of her mouth moved upward without her permission. The waiter appeared again, ready to take their orders. Mary ordered fish, and Fiona ordered a steak.

“As raw as you’re allowed to serve it. Oh, and can you please ask the chef to toss in some apple slices and honey with the sauteed onions?” Fiona said. The waiter smiled broadly while he nodded, and Mary guessed he was entranced with Fiona’s cleavage. 

“Yes, ma’am. That’s an interesting order, I don’t think I’ve heard someone ask for that before,” he said. “And it pairs exceptionally well with the wine your ordered.” Fiona shrugged.

“I’ve been ordering it for as long as I could remember,” Fiona said. The waiter pulled out a small folded square of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Fiona. 

“What’s this?” Fiona asked. She began to unfold it. “Your number?” The waiter shook his head. When Fiona read the note, she sighed with disappointment. 

“Damnit.” That was Fiona’s last word, followed by a loud bang. Mary did not know where it came from, but the waiter now held a smoking gun and Fiona’s body hunched over the table, blood soaking into the white linen. The waiter was already running toward the front door when Mary finally found her scream. The other patrons all ducked down to the floor afraid of more shots being fired. 

The next two hours were a blur for Mary, but she cried the whole time. At some point an officer showed her the note, but it only confused her even more when she read it. 

“Tag. You’re It.” 


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