Just a Good ‘Ol Boy (2-25-18)

[WP] An expert hypnotist can manipulate people to do whatever he/she wants. But this time, the hypnotist unknowingly tries to manipulate someone with a split personality. [Link to post.]

He didn’t know I was there. My brothers Jimmy, Johnny, and Jamie dragged me to the hypnotist’s booth while we strolled through the circus. I loved the circus and took in a big whiff of kettle corn and turkey legs every chance I could. They all wanted to take turns with the hypnotist even though I tried talking them out of it. 

“Guys, think about Jamie. What if this guy is real?” They all laughed at me, even Jamie. Despite his burden, he never let it make him cautious. I was glad for that. He was the youngest and we’ve always looked out for him. But, after the accident us older kids needed to step up in ways we never expected. 

“C’mon Jessie, it’s just foolin’. We all get our turn to bark like a dog a few times and have a laugh,” Johnny said. He was the oldest brother at 24, but still younger than me. He tended to be the main line of communication between the boys and I because we all trusted him. 

“I’m not gonna take a turn, you guys have fun,” I said after they convinced me. It’s not that they needed me to agree to go, but the accident left us all pretty shaken. These days we all go out of our way to respect each other as much as possible. The doctor said Jamie was at a lucky age. 14 was young enough to completely recover, but old enough to survive a lightning strike. I didn’t think his age had anything to do with it, he was lucky the rest of us were around him. My theory was we helped distribute the current running through him. Jamie got to go first. He walked into the tent and we all watched quietly. 

We expected him to pull out a gold watch or something, but all he did was snap his fingers. A flash of blue light came from his hand and Jamie’s eyes dulled. Suddenly everything felt wrong. I heard Jamie’s voice call Jimmy and Johnny. It sounded the same way it did that night we got hit by lightning. He was sad and lonely, so his brothers and I gathered around him for a group hug. That lightning bolt couldn’t have had worse timing.

Two more blue flashes and I knew the other two boys were dazed like Jamie had been. I panicked and waited for them to say my name but they didn’t. I smiled to myself when I realized they were protecting me, that’s why Jamie called his brothers. I knew he was smart, but now I thought he was a genius. He used his brothers as a distraction, and he knew they wouldn’t say anything about me.  

“Jamie!” I whisper-yelled. He didn’t make a move. The hypnotist was talking to Jimmy. That wasn’t a surprise, Jimmy was the charmer of the group. He’ll talk to anyone about anything and change their opinion. 

“JAMIE!” I yelled. That startled him.

“Jess?” He asked, unsure. 

“Quick, let’s get Johnny before he takes another turn,” I said. The hypnotist didn’t know I was there, but I was able to save my brothers. We rescued Johnny before he took a turn controlling Jamie’s body and when the hypnotist called him back out, Johnny laid him out. 

We were always a close family, but when that lightning hit Jamie we were all touching our heads together. Now we’re as close as anyone can be. 

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