Bright Light! Bright Light! (3-6-18)

[WP] In a world where manipulating the four elements is common, you come from a line of light users, a magic thought extinct. One day you come across a deadly situation and your powers must be used. [Link to post.]

Felix walked along the side of the dirt road towards town. The blue sun peeked out of the horizon, ready to start the day. He stayed on the outside of the road to avoid bumping into anyone or being trampled by a cart. Felix preferred solitude, and only made the trip to town when necessary, usually once a month. He always did it invisibly. He discovered his light magic at age seven, and in the seven years since then he learned to bend light around himself. He hated to steal, but was afraid that if he left money regularly someone might notice the pattern. He assumed theft would be less suspicious.

Felix reached the outskirts of town as the sun found its footing in the sky. He felt glad there had been no rain recently, he hated to contend with leaving footprints in the mud. He turned a corner toward the store he picked to steal from this particular month. Along the way he passed an alley between an inn and a brothel. As a 14 year old boy that could turn invisible, he knew all about the brothel. Fisticuffs often broke out there, and the Madam tended toss troublemakers out into that same alley. He heard a familiar ruckus, and it sounded like that situation was playing out right now. Someone just got thrown into the inn’s trash cart. Curiosity struck him when he realized the day just started. The women weren’t even working yet, and most of their clientele would still be sleeping off the previous night. 

“Help! SOMEONE HELP!” A man yelled, and Felix moved to the entrance of the alley. He saw a giant red headed woman with pale skin, not one of the workers he was familiar with, angrily holding down a red faced fat man in the trash and laughing hysterically.

“SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!!” The main flailed his short arms and legs, trying to somehow leverage his girth to wriggle free. Felix looked left and right in a panic, turning his head back and forth several times. He hoped to see a sign of anyone that might have enough magic to help. The roads were empty. It was too early for anyone to really be on the streets, and the chances were slim it would be someone with magical training. 

I’m the only help this guy’s getting,” Felix thought to himself. He knew he could easily help, but he could not stay invisible while doing it. He turned left and right one more time, checking for any sudden wanderers. “I’ll have to blind both of them,” he decided.

Felix looked up at the situation again as he walked forward. The woman now held a glowing green sword above the fat man’s neck. 

“So long, Chuck.” The woman said, then she pulled the green blade upward to gain momentum. Felix was now close enough to act. He let loose a giant flash of white light between both of them. It surprised the two strangers.

“AAH!! I’M DEAD!!” The fat man yelled, thinking he entered the light. He stayed still, his hands resting on his stomach. Felix noticed his right hand showed a red tattoo of the number 1 on it. 

“Gah!” The giant woman dropped the sword and brought her hands to her eyes. She rubbed them to get her sight working again. “You little asshole!” She said with a combination of anger and annoyance. Felix dashed toward the trash cart. He grabbed the man’s thick, tattooed hand, then whispered into his ear. 

“I’ll lead you out of here.” Chuck turned his head toward the whisper, and Felix saw the pupils of his dark green eyes were little more than pinholes.

“WHO SAID THAT?” Chuck yelled, then squeezed Felix’s hand. 

“sshhhhhh.” Felix tried to shush Chuck. 

“WHO ARE YOU?? DID YOU BLIND ME??” Chuck squeezed Felix’s hand tighter.

“I’m *trying* to help you, idiot!” Felix hissed the words at Chuck. He tried pulling, but the fat man was too heavy for Felix to move without Chuck himself helping. “Hurry up it’s going to wear off soon.” Felix didn’t understand why they weren’t running away yet. He decided Chuck was an idiot, but wanted to help him anyway. Felix concentrated and tried to form sunlight into something useful. He’d been experimenting with hard light, but still had a long way to go until he could do it reliably. He hoped the stress of the situation would help it kick in. 

“Hey, it’s wearing off,” Chuck said, surprised. Felix opened his eye to see Chuck blinking repeatedly. 

“*This guy’s beyond saving,*” Felix thought. He decided to blind them both again and flee on his own. He gave off a fresh burst of white light, and Chuck let his hand go. 

“DAMNIT! STOP THAT!” Chuck yelled and rubbed his eyes. Felix turned to leave, and ran into the giant woman’s stomach. Her eyes were closed, but she opened them when she felt the boy run into her. She looked down at him through dark black eyes. She palmed his face in her large hand. 

“Hi. We’ve been looking for you,” she said. Felix did not move a muscle. The woman’s grip felt overly delicate, like she was actively trying *not* to crush his skull. Felix heard the fat man move behind him, finally getting himself off the cart. Felix realized she said, “we”, and sighed. 

“Geeez. Take it easy next time, Flutter,” Chuck said. He reached into the tattoo on his hand and pulled out a black crystal. He tossed it at the ground and a black hole appeared in the dirt.
“Hold on little guy,” Flutter said, then jumped into the hole while holding him. 

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