Hi Dad, I’m Dad. (3-7-18)

[WP] A man shows up at your house telling you that you’re being “called in” to some sort of special forces operation you were supposedly trained your whole life for. Problem is, you’ve spent your entire life with a loving family, and you didn’t even know this agency existed. [Link to post.]

I opened my front door to greet the pair of men wearing dark suits and sunglasses. They stared at me from the other side of my light green, wooden screen door. I noticed a dark SUV idling at the edge of my property with two more people inside it. 

“Mr. Ayala?” The shorter of the two asked. I nodded.

“That’s me.” The taller one reached into the interior pocket of his coat, and pulled out a small black USB drive. He offered it to me while the short one gave me instructions. “Please watch this, then give us your decision. We’ll wait outside.” I unhooked the screen door and opened it wide enough for the USB drive.

“This isn’t a virus, is it?” I chuckled, but half serious. Stretch reached into his coat again, his hand peeked out with a visible gun grip. Shorty spoke again.

“If we were malicious, you’d know it already,” he said. I nodded.

“Fair enough. Be back.” I waggled the USB at them and cocked my head backward toward my den. I shut the door and locked it, then moved to the den. I sat in the rolling leather chair and scooted into my thick, dark cherry wood desk. I inserted the drive and found a video file. Both of my parents appeared on my screen when I double clicked the icon. 

“Hey son, you probably have some questions huh?” My dad asked. I silently shook my head as if they could see me. Both my parents passed away four years ago when I graduated high school, the video appeared to be filmed before that. My dad only had a trace of silver lapping at his sideburns, not the balding nest of silver I remembered from their funeral. Mom looked as beautiful as ever, decorated with large gold hoop earrings and several golden chains around her neck.

“We hope you never have to watch this video. If you’re watching it that means we died, otherwise we’d explain this in person. Before anything else you have to know we loved you with all our hearts. We gave you the best childhood we could manage and tried to raise you right. We’re proud of you,” mom said. She almost looked like a reflection of me, tears flowed out both our dark brown eyes. I tapped the spacebar to pause the video, and ripped a tissue from the box I kept nearby. After taking several minutes to blow my nose and wipe my eyes I started the video again. 

“If you have any questions, they’ll be answered. But your father and I are here to give you the short version,” mom said. “The people that delivered this message for us work for a secret government project.”

“Your mom and I are part of the same project, and you are too. We’ve trained you for it your whole life, and they kept guiding you even after we died,” Dad said. He grabbed mom’s hand, they were both leaking tears. “We hope you can forgive us, it’s a good project.” The picture of both of them smiling at me with tears in their eyes froze as the video ended. I left the USB in the computer and walked to the door. When I opened it Stretch and Shorty stood from the porch chairs and came to the door. 

“Well?” Shorty asked. 

“I’m interested. My dad said it was a good project, and I trust him. But they didn’t train me in anything. No martial arts, or hacking or anything related to being a spy,” I said. I’d considered lying to them, but they’d realize the truth quick enough. Stretch shook his head, and reached into his suit. He pulled out a folder with a blue K logo on it, then handed it to me. He spoke for the first time since I met him.

“They were spies, but they weren’t training you to be a spy. It’s called the SuperDad project. Should the United States of America ever adopt an alien being we want it raised with small town values. There are others on the list, but right now you’re in the top spot. You’re the #1 Dad.”

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