Third Reason (3-9-18)

[WP] Your spouse has a surprise announcement for you: They’re from an alternate dimension. As they start showing you fantastic technology and scientific impossibilities, you don’t have the heart to tell them you’d already figured it out. [Link to post.]

“Honey, that was delicious,” Justin said. He had cleaned off three servings of meatloaf from his plate, and now sat back patting his stomach and admiring his beautiful wife. Susan wore a simple yellow sundress decorated with flowers, as well as her favorite pearl necklace and earrings. She walked around the bright, sunlit kitchen picking up their dishes from the table. After she placed them in the sink she stopped by the refrigerator.

“Thank you, dear. Pie?” She placed the scratch made apple pie on the table then returned to the freezer for the ice cream. Justin realized she was being extra nice for some reason. She only ever made her pie for holidays. He searched his brain for holidays, but found none. They’d only been married for two years, but all anniversaries and birthdays were accounted for. She served him coffee and a generous slice of pie, then sat down next to him. She scooted her chair closer to his.

“Alright, what’s going on?” Justin asked. He looked into her light pink eyes, but she refused turned away. She put her head down on her arms and eyed the plaid tablecloth.

“I’ve been lying to you,” she said. A drop of moisture dotted the tablecloth, making the red fabric darker. The feeling of betrayal squeezed Justin’s heart like a vice. He clenched my fists under the table to calm down, and took several deep breaths. He managed to calm himself.

“About?” Justin asked. He tried to keep his voice level, but the words came out icy cold. She flinched at his tone but answered.

“I’m not who you think I am. No. Sorry, I’m nervous. I am the person that you married, but I’m not from Texas like I told you,” the tablecloth moved slightly, her nerves caused her to bunch it up in her hands, she still refused to look at Justin. In his mind he relaxed, it was nowhere near as bad as he thought.

“Okay, so you’re not from Texas, that’s fine. Where are you from?” Justin asked. He reached across the table to take her hand, but she did not let go of the tablecloth.

“Texas.” She said while still staring at the table.

“You’re not from Texas, but you’re from Texas? Babe, you can’t open a conversation by confessing to a lie if you’re not going to make any sense.” Justin rested his hand on top of hers, giving up trying to hold her hand and settling for just contact. She moved suddenly, letting his hand fall to the table.

“I’ll be right back. I have something to explain it better.” Susan ran out of the kitchen then returned as quick as she left. She held a small glass rectangle that Justin recognized, but he did not say anything.

“This is my node. It’s like a cellphone, but way way cooler,” Susan said. She sat down at the table next to Justin and handed him the thin glass rectangle. The size and shape reminded Justin of a transparent playing card. It felt as light as one too. He touched the surface and it lit up to show the time and date. He swiped at it, and it showed a password prompt. He gave it back to Susan.

“Okay, that’s cool. Where’d you get it? More importantly can I get one?” Susan chuckled and nodded her head.

“If you want one we can get you one. As for where I got it, that’s what I’m trying to tell you,” she said.

“So *TELL* me already,” Justin said. He realized she wanted to reveal her “big secret”, but she was dragging it out too long. “Honey, whatever it is, we’ll work through it. I promise. Just get to the point already.” Susan held the node up in front of Justin’s face. The transparency of it let their eyes meet through it.

“This node is from an alternate Earth. I am too. I’m sorry I lied to you for so long, I didn’t know how to tell you.” Justin stood from his chair and embraced Susan in her chair.

“Thank you for finally telling me. I lied to you just as long, because I’ve known for some time now. How bout we call it even?” He kissed the narrow space on her forehead between her eye and hair line.

“You knew? How? I was so scared I thought I kept all my tech hidden,” Susan said. She squeezed his arm around her.

“Well for one thing, no one else on this Earth has pink eyes. Aside from that detail, it’s worth mentioning people around here only have two eyes.” Justin kissed the third eye in the center of her forehead.

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