A to Z (3-10-18)

[WP] You stare in disbelief as your doctor smiles, grabs the apple from your hand, and takes a bite. [Link to post.]

William stared at the doctor unable to believe what he did, despite William’s warnings. It happened too fast, the doctor grabbed the shiny red apple from William’s hand and bit into it before William realized what was happening. 

“See, William? Nothing to worry about, it’s just a regular old-” Doctor Travis’ words were interrupted by a fleeing William. He ran out of doctor’s office the man finished talking. The old doctor shook his head in disappointment. “Poor man. I think a psych eval would be a good idea next time,” Doctor Travis spoke to himself while he sat at his computer and messaged his secretary to make a note in William’s file.

William did not waste checking out with the nurses. Doctor Travis had been William’s G.P. for years, it was not easy to rush out of there and leave the old doctor to die, but he died the moment he bit into the apple, even if he didn’t know it yet. William did not want to be anywhere near the building when the apple’s effect kicked in.

“Maybe I should have told him where I got it from,” William mumbled to himself as he started his car. “Maybe he would have taken my warnings more seriously if I told him it was from an alternate dimension.” He shook his head while he drove. “He wouldn’t have believed that anyway, and he still would’ve bitten it.”

William picked up a pizza on his way home, he knew he wouldn’t have time to cook. He placed the pizza box on the table, then turned on the kitchen radio to the news station. He opened the box of pizza and took out a slice. He ate while he walked around the kitchen gathering cans into a cardboard box. After an hour he finished the pizza and his packing. Three cardboard boxes sat on the kitchen table, each overflowing with cans and kitchen utensils.

“Urgent News report,” A deep voice said from the radio, he interrupted the weather. “Prominent physician, Doctor Henry Travis, has been arrested today on charges of assault. Onlookers claim he bit several patients of his today, and we have reports that he tried to bite the arresting police officer as well.” William turned off the radio then picked up a box from the table. He opened the basement door and walked down the steps. He placed the box on top of the washer then went back for the other two boxes. After three trips he stood in the center of his basement. He looked around the room wistfully. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device that consisted only of a single red button. He pressed it and a black hole opened up in front of him.

William made two trips in and out of the black hole, leaving a box of supplies on the other side each time. When he held the third box he looked around his basement one final time.

“Goodbye, room. Good bye world. Goodbye zombie doctor Travis.” He stepped into the blackness one last time, and the portal disappeared.

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