Green, Eggs, and Slams (3-17-18)

[WP] A horror story usually has a focus for the audience’s fear, clowns, spiders, serial killers, and so on. Write a short horror story about eggs. [Link to post.]

“MOM!!!!” Mikey ran into the house, the smack of the screen door slamming against the wooden door frame followed him in. The young boy ran to the kitchen and found his mother standing by the stove. She dumped potato cubes from a solid wooden cutting board into a pot of water. “I finished my chores, can I go to Bobby’s now?” The woman placed the cutting board on the counter next to the gas range, then turned around to open a cupboard. 

“Did you already pack your clothes, *INCLUDING* underwear and socks? I will not have the Millers thinking my son is filthy enough to wear the same underwear two days in a row. And your toothbrush?” She spoke to her son from the other side of a cupboard door that blocked their view of each other. She smiled herself behind the door, knowing how hard her son rolled his eyes at that moment. She could hear it in his voice. It was his first sleep over, and she was just as excited for it as he was. She and her husband were looking forward to a romantic night alone. 

“Yes, ma’am. I’ve got everything! Change of clothes, undies, socks, toothbrush, phone charger,” Mikey said. The traces of annoyance in his voice were almost unnoticeable thanks to his excitement. Mrs. Brown shut the cupboard door, having retrieved nothing. Then she reached to the side of the counter to grab the egg basket from its hook. 

“One more thing, dear. Grab me a dozen eggs, your father forgot to this morning before he headed out. I need them for the salad,” she nodded at the pot of potatoes. “Then you can go.” Mike grinned his nine year old bucktooth smile, then disappeared out the door. Helen heard the screen door slam before she realized he stole the small wicker basket from her hands. 

In less than three minutes the screen door alerted Helen to turn around. She almost tripped over Mikey standing behind her with a basket of eggs in one hand and his burlap shoulder bag in the other. He handed her the basket, and she noticed how wide his eyes were.

“I saw a meteor!” Mike bounced in place, barely containing his excitement. Helen looked out a nearby window to see the bright blue, cloudless sky. 

“Mikey, it’s 11:00a.m. No way you saw a meteor with that kind of sunlight out there.”

“I did! It was flying low, and it looked green. Flew right over the coop headed towards the Johnson’s,” Mikey said. He was a fanciful boy, just like his father. Helen knew she had two choices. Humor him or argue with him until he confessed about lying. The argument might lead to a grounding which might ruin her romantic night. She sighed and realized the reason she loved her husband so much was *because* he tended to be fanciful. Nothing wrong with a little magic now and then, she thought. 

“Well, I’ll keep an eye on the news tonight to see if they say anything,” she said. Mikey nodded and continued to bounce in place. He was a good boy and she felt good about her decision to not argue with him. Even though she already gave permission, he waited for a final okay to leave the house. 

“Go on, shoo. Have fun,” Helen said. Mikey kissed the air and ran out of the kitchen toward the front door.

“Bye mom! Love you! See you tomorrow!”

“CALL ME IF YOU NE-” She tried yelling after him, but the sound of the front door shutting interrupted her. “Yep. Just like his father,” she mused and set the basket of eggs on the counter. She continued to work around the kitchen. The landline rang while she added salt to the boiling potatoes. She walked to the wall and grabbed the receiver of the old avocado green rotary phone. 


“Helen, I’m sorry love. I’m gonna miss lunch, and there’s a chance I might miss dinner too.” Helen sighed, but she understood. In their 15 years together Grant’s never given her reason to doubt his word, and never disappointed her like this without an especially good reason.

“Everything okay?” She asked. 

“No. Dan Johnson called in some help. Something wrecked his chicken coop, so me and the boys are gonna help round up the ones that are still alive and help put up another one. Depending on who shows up to help it shouldn’t take too long,” Grant said. “Any chance Mikey wants to come lend a hand too?” 

“I’m sure he’d love to chase those hens around, but he already headed out to the Miller’s for his sleep over. You could try his phone,” Helen said, then she registered what Grant said. “Did you say Dan Johnson?” 

“Yeah he-” The rest of Grant’s reply was interrupted by loud screaming. “Oh god,” he said, followed by a sharp sound against Helen’s ear, as if he let the phone fall. 

“Grant? Is everything okay?” Helen asked.  He did not answer, but the screaming continued, and it seemed to grow louder, as if more people were screaming. Then she heard heaving breathing on the line, and Grant’s voice.

“HELEN! Stay away from the eggs! DON’T LET THEM TOUCH YOU! I’M COMING AS SOON AS I CAN BUT DON’T TOUCH THE EGGS!” He yelled, then the line went dead. Helen stood in place and stared blankly at the numbered rotary on the phone. 

“Grant?” she asked, but knew no one would answer. A loud pop made her jump. She screamed, threw the phone down and turned around to face the noise. There on the floor was a single broken egg. Its white shell shattered and embedded in the viscous clear yolk surrounding the bright yellow center. She took a single step backward, not taking her eyes off the egg. She was so focused she screamed again when a second egg landed on the floor next to the first with another loud pop. She looked up toward the basket on the counter and saw the basket turned over. It lay on its side, and a single egg rolled forward from the rest. 

It rolled itself to the counter, then fell off. She followed it down until she heard the pop, then realized it should have landed next to the other two already on the floor, but it didn’t. It landed directly below the counter, but she realized the first two eggs were sliding across the hardwood floors toward her. They moved slowly, like slugs, leaving traces of slime behind them. 

Helen screamed and knocked over a nearby chair to land in their path. One of the animated yolks reached the chair. It climbed up and over the obstacle without any change in its speed as it moved towards Helen. A loud pop to her right made her whip her head around and she saw an egg yolk sliding down the wall next to her. It just missed her head. Then, a flash of white made her duck. She heard a pop behind her. She realized they were surrounding her. She turned to run past the one behind her, but she felt a hard smack against her back. She felt gooey wetness soaking into her clothes, followed by an intense burning. Another egg hit her thigh, and began to burn her like acid. 

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