Logging Lesson (3-18-18)

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“Go ahead and take off,” [Jake](http://hserratafun.blogspot.com/p/jake-wilson-el-muerto.html) said to the pale boy. They talked in a dim cave while the sounds of battle echoed from up ahead. “We need to finish up the demo, [Eva](http://hserratafun.blogspot.com/p/eva-wilson-la-estrella.html)’s probably bored out of her mind by now.” Jake’s mention of Eva caused [Oren](http://hserratafun.blogspot.com/p/oren-la-corona.html) to giggle. 

“She’s gonna smack you for taking so long already,” Oren said. The boy’s form dissipated into red glowing dust, his high pitched glee continued to echo off the stone walls even after he disappeared. Jake walked toward the cave’s exit, and caught up with [Elle](http://hserratafun.blogspot.com/p/elle-carlson-zero.html). Jake noted the last of the goblins from the fourth ambush disintegrating into dust. 

“Where’s Oren?” She asked Jake when she noticed him approach.

“He got bored,” Jake said with a shrug. 

“Don’t we need him to fight the boss?” Elle asked. She sheathed both her daggers, anticipating a wait.

“Nah, it’ll be fine.” Jake waved his hand dismissively. “There’s some other things I wanted to show you anyway, this is a great opportunity,” he added. “Let’s go fight the boss and get out of here.” Jake walked past Elle, the back hem of his red wizard robes dragged in the dirt behind him leaving a smooth streak. He led her forward about 50 feet, then stopped. 

“Boss ambush up ahead. We’ll try the original plan we had before Oren showed up. The champion spawns with two elite guards, so stealth up. I’ll distract them, and you take them out from behind. Okay?” Elle nodded and disappeared. Her body seemed to empty out like liquid out of a leaking jug, leaving a thin black outline around her form that only Jake could see. “One more thing. The goblin champion, Screampig, is immune to backstab. Save him for last,” Jake said. The top of the empty form moved slightly, Jake assumed she nodded. He walked forward and triggered the scripted ambush. 

“[THAT’S MINE!](http://hserratafun.blogspot.com/2018/02/beady-buyer-2-28-18.html) DIE!!!” a squealing, high pitched voice yelled. Three goblins appeared in front of Jake while Elle’s ghost moved along the wall without making a sound. She left no footprints as she positioned herself behind them. They resembled a trio of homeless, emaciated, short men. Their sickly green skin almost looked like it was stretched too tight over their bones. The outline of every bone and joint was clearly visible. A mishmash of chain, leather and cloth scraps protected them. The middle one with the name “Screampig” over his head stood several inches taller than the other two, and appeared to be better fed. His potbelly hung over a leather belt, contrasting the rest of his bony body. The goblins charged toward Jake, the only intruder they could see. The wizard lifted his heavy wooden staff. 

“Alright Elle,” Jake shouted past the oncoming goblins. He knew they wouldn’t care who he was talking to, they were not programmed to be that aware. “First thing you have to learn about is friendly fire.” The tip of Jake’s staff glowed with bright orange light. “Blazing Rain.” He said flatly. A shower of glowing, molten sparks began falling in a large area around the goblins, including Elle. The super-heated drops burned anything they touched. 

“OW! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Elle shouted. The damage she took from the sparks revealed her. Without stealth the goblins noticed her, but their focus remained on Jake because he was the only one to cause them any damage so far. They continued moving toward him. 

“Second thing you have to learn is how to logout,” Jake said with a smile. He tapped his staff on the ground, and remained still. His bright red robe dulled and transitioned into a dark grey color. The features on his face melded together as his tan skin also shifted to grey. Within seconds a simple dark grey mannequin stood in Jake’s place, then it dissolved into grey ash dispersed by a breeze that Elle did not feel. 

“JAKE!!!” Elle yelled, grabbing the attention of the goblins. All three turned and charged toward her. 

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