Choices Choices (3-21-18)

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Felix sat in the corner of his darkened cell and waited. No matter how comfortable he felt sitting on the large bed, he was a prisoner. They treated him well. Instead of bars, a clear wall with air holes kept him in the pleasant prison. No torture or interrogation. Delicious food or drink any time he wanted, he only needed to ask. After the first day he assumed they were trying to starve him until he asked why he hadn’t been fed yet. 

“You didn’t ask,” his guard said. He learned her name, Flutter, the first time they met. The giant woman stood at least seven feet tall. Her pale skin made the coppery red hair atop her head even more fiery. She kept her hair in a long red braid that hung straight down her back. The first time she fed him she brought him a simple brown wooden bowl filled with a sickly white paste. The smell made him hold his breath, the taste made him retch. 

“You call this food?” Felix asked Flutter sarcastically. He emptied it into the toilet. The woman shrugged, and gave a half smirk. 

“You asked for food, I brought you food. Next time be specific.” She sat down outside his cell, put her feet up on her desk and thumbed through a book. Felix sat down on his own bed to wait for the next time. Five minutes later his stomach growled and it occurred to him that next time could be now. 

“Hey, Flutter?” He asked, using her name cautiously for the first time. She sat up quickly and looked at him through the clear divide. “What are my options?” She smiled broadly and stood up. 

“Now you’re getting it, shortstack. Anything you want, we can get,” she said. Flutter leaned against the partition with her arms crossed, waiting. Felix longed to be home. The day he met Flutter he left some taproot stew simmering in the kettle.

“How bout some taproot stew?” Felix asked. Flutter’s face lost all composure, and heavy, heaving laughs flowed from her mouth. Her body doubled over as she held her abdomen. 

“Taproot stew??!” She continued to laugh. Despite being a prisoner, Felix still somehow found his feelings could be hurt. Taproot stew was delicious, especially if he added some meat. “Talk about backwater. Kid, I’m gonna do you the biggest favor anyone will ever do for you. I’ll be back.” The giant woman turned and walked out of the room. 

A while later she returned holding two flattened square boxes stacked on top of each other. She stood at the invisible barrier, grabbed the top box then pushed it through. On the other side Felix grabbed the box and set it on his bed. Unsure what to do next, nor what Flutter’s favor actually was. She smiled at him and opened the remaining box. Inside the box Felix saw steam rising from a golden disc. The edges of the disc looked like toasted bread; bright red dots decorated the inner portion. 

“This is pizza,” Flutter said. She grabbed a toasted edge and pulled a triangle from the golden circle. She put the point in her mouth and bit. “Go ahead. Careful, it’s hot.” Felix followed her lead. He opened the box and peered in. He grabbed a toasted edge and pulled a triangle free. He never saw any food that looked like this, but it smelled amazing. He bit into it and the ecstasy forced his eyes shut. A sound he’d never made before welled up from somewhere inside him. 

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….” he chewed the magical food. “I love you, Flutter.” Felix said while chewing. She giggled while eating her second slice. 

“You’re too young for me kid, but you’re pretty cool,” Flutter said. Felix wanted to know more about her. Even as she kidnapped him she treated him kinder than any kidnapper would be expected to. As his guard she remained friendly and helpful towards him. 

“How’d you get so big?” Felix asked while he pulled a second slice from the box. 

“Technically, I’m a dragon,” Flutter said. She smiled, but kept eating. Only a single slice remained in her box. 

“No you’re not! I’ve seen dragons. They’re HUGE!” Felix spread his arms wide, to emphasize how huge dragons were. Flutter stood and wiped her hands on her red silk shirt as she walked to the cell. 

“Watch,” she said. Felix watched. Felix stared at Flutter’s black eyes, but noticed a change on her forehead. The smooth, pale skin of her face began to change. Thin lines formed a pattern on her face, and it seemed her skin grew thicker around the lines. Her creamy white skin turned to gold. Her blemish free face was overtaken by rough, jagged layers. She lifted her shirt to show her stomach to Felix. He looked down and saw more golden scales covering her stomach, her arms, everywhere. 

“Whoa. You ARE a dragon!” Felix smiled, then cocked his head to the right slightly.

“How’d you get so small?” He asked. Flutter chuckled. 

“Technically, I’m a fairy.” Flutter turned around and lifted the back of her shirt completely, revealing more golden scales. Two sets of translucent, veiny dragonfly wings popped out of her back and fluttered frantically. 

“I wondered why your name was Flutter,” Felix asked with a chuckle. Flutter let her shirt fall and turned around. 

“There you go.” Over the next week Felix asked for pizza regularly, and Flutter was happy to deliver. But, he was still a prisoner. 

He sat in the corner of his darkened cell and waited. Flutter was due with lunch soon, something she called Chinese, but Felix didn’t want to be a prisoner anymore. Despite asking for food, it did not occur to him to ask to be let out. He decided he would try today. Flutter returned with two white bags. 

“Hey halfpint. Ready to chow down?” Flutter asked. She pushed a bag through the clear wall, but Felix did not rush to grab it like he normally did. 

“I’m ready to leave,” Felix said. He straightened his back to give himself a boost of confidence.  Flutter dropped the bag on the inside of his cell and pulled her hand out. 

“Finally. You’ve got two choices. Join Ballisea or join Ballisea.” Flutter sat down at her desk and pulled out several small white and red boxes from the bag, one after the other. 

“That’s not much of a choice,” Felix said. Flutter nodded.

“May not seem like it, but it’s important which one you choose. One is willingly the other is…less willingly, more painful.” 

“Which did you choose?” Felix asked. Flutter stared toward the other end of the room, and answered Felix with a cold, sad tone.

“It hurts. A lot.” Felix looked down at the dark cobblestone floor of his cell. He felt bad for his friend. 

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