Web of Lies (3-25-18)

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Abby practiced switching views from spider to spider while they tended to her. She named the large black widow that spoke to her first “Skeeter”. Her parents promised her a dog after they got settled in their new town. She planned to name it Skeeter, but Abby decided having a pet black widow that she could talk to was way better. Thinking about her parents made Abby realize the sun was starting to dip below the trees. She needed to get home.

“Alright guys, that’s good enough. Let me up,” Abby said to her spider pit crew. A mixture of wolf spiders, tarantulas, black widows, brown recluses began undoing the webs that held her down, she watched it all from Skeeter’s eyes. She moved to stand up, but Skeeter stood on her chest. His view disoriented her, and she fell on her butt.
“Ow.” She thought for a second, then decided on a solution. “Hey Skeeter, get in my eye hole.”
“Yes.” Skeeter’s small voice said in her mind. She felt the light pins of Skeeter’s spindly legs climb up her bare neck and onto her face. It crawled up her cheek and settled into her right eye hole, turning around to face outward. Now she could almost see normally. The left side of her view was still blank, as if her left eye were closed.
“Good enough,” she said. She stood and dusted herself off as as a reflex, even though the spiders had already cleaned her off while she lay on the forest floor. “C’mon guys, let’s go home.” The spiders climbed her legs and disappeared under her skin. She took a single step forward, then stopped. “Uh, any of you guys know the way out of here?” Abby realized she didn’t know where she was. She did not have time to pay attention to any landmarks as Janet and her group of friends chased the new dark haired girl into the forest.
“I can get you home, Ms. Araña” a female voice said. It sounded loud and clear, not like the spider voices in her mind. She turned toward the sound and took a step back. Immediately the spiders on her skin popped crawled out, ready to defend her. Through Skeeter’s eyes she saw a tall, pale woman wearing a long black dress with slits cut up to her hips on both sides. A pair of bone-white ram horns curled out of the top of the woman’s head, adding to her height. “But you won’t like it,” the woman added with a sad look on her face.
“Who are you? What do you mean I won’t like it?” Abby asked. Her spiders did not lower their guard. Abby realized this woman was talking to a girl covered in spiders, and did not seem bothered, nor surprised by it. “How long have you been there, why didn’t you help me?” Abby added. The tall woman shrugged.
“Those are all excellent questions, Abby. My name is Ballisea. In some ways I’m like a fairy godmother, you could say. I help lost,” Ballisea nodded towards Abby. “…or unwanted,” she stressed the word and met Skeeter’s eyes.”… kids. In your case, can you imagine your mother or father hugging you, or kissing your cheek when you have a black widow spider sitting in your eye socket? You know why you moved to this town, right? Lower cost of living. Your parents are struggling financially, and a special daughter would probably make a great sale to the government.”
“THEY WOULDN’T DO THAT TO ME!” Abby screamed. Hundreds of spiders crawled out of the surrounding trees to stand around her. Ballisea shrugged.
“I understand you don’t believe me. It’s okay, you’ll see soon enough. Your mom is pregnant again, your replacement is already on the way. But let’s get you home.” Ballisea waved her hand at the air and it rippled like water. Bright blue light glowed behind the ripples, then Abby saw her house on the other side of the portal. “This is a short cut. I’ll go with you because I know you’ll change your mind. By the way, I saw the whole thing. I was going to help when Janet pulled her knife out, but I heard her say she wanted to carve your favorite number in you. I needed to let that happen.”
“Why?” Abby asked.
“That’s going to take more explanation than we can do here. Let’s get you home first, and see if you want to stay.” Ballisea gestured towards the portal, and Abby walked through it.

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