Party Music (3-28-18)

[CW] Flash Fiction Challenge! Location: A Birthday Party | Object: A Radio [Link to post.]

“Are you sure about this?” Posie asked his wife. She carried their daughter, Threnody, while they walked into a large, black portal floating in their living room. Two men awaited them in the dust covered wasteland on the other side. The tall one wore a polka dot party hat on his wavy, golden mane. The short one wore his party hat to the side of his bright blue mohawk. Its top tips barely reached the tall man’s armpits.


“Relax, honey. It’ll be fun,” Robin reassured her husband. She set Threnody on the ground and the toddler bolted to the short man. “Besides, it’s her birthday and she wanted to.”


VEGAS!” the little girl yelled with glee. The short man knelt, ignoring the dirt, to give the little girl a hug.


“Threnny!” Vegas smiled and lifted the orange eyed girl to swing her around. “How’s the birthday girl?”


“I’m two!” she answered. The two laughed between themselves while Robin and Posie looked to Regal.


“Are we ready?” Regal asked. The parents nodded, then Regal nodded to Vegas.


“Alright, shortcake. This Earth is empty, and I’ll keep your parents safe. Go nuts, show us what you can do.” Threnody looked around at the adults, then sighed.


“Daddy, you forgot it!” She stamped her foot in the dirt. Posie sighed, then turned to Regal.


“Hey Regal, portal please? ” Regal smiled and pointed at Threnody. Posie turned his attention back to her. Threnody pulled something out of a small black hole, like the one they stepped through.


“I got it!” The two year old set her favorite radio down on the dirt, then pressed the PLAY button. Then she clapped her hands together and rubbed them while she began to glow with a golden aura. Music filled the air. “Now it’s a party!”

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