Jail Time (4-24-18)

[WP] “The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free…” [Link to post.]

“So that’s it? We just gotta kill the jailer?” Mickey hovered around Fig, the tall blue skinned troll that gave him the hint. It was Mickey’s first day in the prison and he took to exploring the exercise yard when he ran into the aged troll. Fig shook his head, almost swinging one of his tusks into Mickey’s fluttering form. 

“You’re new. You’ve still got hope, that’s understandable. But let me tell you, ain’t no way you’re killing the jailer,” Fig laughed heartily and gestured at Mickey, “you’re not even a fighting class, you’re a merchant. Maybe you can save up enough to bribe him, eh?” 

“Bribe him? But isn’t he one of the Forest guards?” Mickey asked. The Forest was the virtual prison they were sentenced to, destined to live out the rest of their days as player characters. A sly smile came over Fig.

“Nope. Everything thinks that, but he’s just an overpowered NPC. I’ve tried talking to him a few times, it’s all scripted. Anyway, good luck. Let me know if you need any help getting situated.” Fig gave Mickey a dismissive wave and walked away towards a group of of assorted trolls and ogres. Mickey hovered in place while he debated about his options. Fig was right, he didn’t stand a fighting chance as a merchant, but he had other skills. The jailer being an NPC meant he had a chance. Before he entered the Forest, Michael Anderson chose to be a merchant in the hopes that they wouldn’t think much of his skills. He brought up a skill menu, translucent blue text formed in front of him, then scrolled through it. He smiled widely when he realized his skills were still intact, he was after one skill in particular. Charming Gift – Once a day give a gift to someone to increase their favor of you by 5 points. Rewards 10XP

“That’ll do it,” Mickey said to himself. He flapped his wings and scoured the prison yard looking for anything suitable. He found a small red flower blooming in one corner. He plucked the flower and flew it to the Jailer’s tent. He kept a presence in the yard whenever the prisoners were outdoors. The jailer was a tall naga. The bottom half of his body looked like a diamondback rattler, complete with rattle at the tip of his tail. The rattle came to life the second Mickey flew into the tent.

“Sorry sir! I don’t mean any trouble, I just wanted to give you a gift,” Mickey said. He held the flower, fluttering just inside the tent’s entrance. The jailer stared at Mickey, but the rattling stopped. Mickey flew forward slowly, holding the flower in front of him, stem out, to make his offering clear. He smiled when the Jailer reached out and accepted the flower. A green +5 appeared over his head for a second, then disappeared. Mickey used another of his merchant skills, Appraisal, to gauge his favor with the Jailer. He needed to give him 999 more gifts to get to the next level of favor.

“Well, I’ve got nothing else to do,” Mickey sighed and flew out of the tent. His mind began to fill with ideas about how he would kill the jailer once his favor got high enough. While scrolling through his menu he also noticed he earned experience points for using the skill. He flew to Fig in a hurry, the troll seemed surprised to see him.

“Accepted it already?” Fig asked. 

“Can’t we take him if we level up?” Mickey asked. Fig shook his head.

“They nerfed all our XP skills, and they won’t let us out to kill in the world anyway. No one’s leveling up in here.” Mickey nodded. He would tell Fig some day, maybe after he already had a couple of levels under his belt. But it did not need to be today. It was only the first day, and he had plenty of time to plan his escape. 

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