Lemon of a Drink (4-25-18)

[CW] Flash Fiction Challenge! Location: A Museum | Object: Lemonade [Link to post.]

“I don’t see why I couldn’t stay home,” Oren complained to Eva. They stood in Grapefruit section of the Citrus Museum, surrounded by grapefruit themed sculptures and paintings. Everyone that walked by seemed to have either a smile or a refreshing drink, often both. Eva returned every smile that came her way.  

“Because it’s his birthday,” Eva reminded the 9 year old boy. Oren wore dark black jeans and a black t-shirt. His hair met in a widow’s peak on his forehead, but the rest of it was brushed back. “Quit complaining, here he comes,” Eva said. Jake walked towards them holding a drink carrier with three plastic cups in it.

“Everyone I’ve talked to on this Earth says this is the best lemonade around,” Jake presented the drink carrier to allow Eva and Oren to grab a cup, then he grabbed the third one. They all took giant sips from their straw, and they all made sour, disgusting faces. Oren could not fight the impulse to spit it out. 

“Bleaeeeeeeeeeeeaaaach,” Oren said loudly. Some of the patrons turned towards the noise, then made an effort to walk around him, or in the other direction. 

“They forgot the sugar,” Jake said. He collected the drinks back in the drink holder and carried them back to the stand. This time Eva and Oren followed him. Jake waited patiently in line until his turn came up again. 

“Something wrong, sir?” the clerk asked when he realized Jake’s intent to return the drinks. 

“Yeah, I think you forgot the sugar in this batch,” Jake said. He placed the carrier on the table in front of him. The clerk looked from Jake to his coworker. The two workers shrugged at each other, then one of them turned back to Jake. 

“What’s sugar?” 

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