Favored Sibling (4-27-18)

[WP] Whenever a baby is born, he or she is taken to The Armory, an ancient alien temple where each child has a unique weapon bestowed upon them, for use their whole lives. You were given a key. [Link to post.]

“Sit still!” Sam’s father grabbed him by the scuff of his collar, and straightened him standing up. “Your brother’s going to get his next, then we can leave.” Sam tried peering over the crowd to watch his little brother’s ceremony, but he was too short. 

“Is he gonna get a key like me?” Sam asked a five year old’s innocent question. His father shook his head. 

“No. I’m sure he’ll get something useful.” Sam’s father let the statement hang. If his wife was there she would have reprimanded him but she was busy taking their other son, Simon, to get his weapon.

“Keys are useful!” Sam said. He excitedly pulled out his ‘weapon’ from his pocket. He waved it around like one might fly a toy airplane. It was a silver and gold key with fine etchings in the metal. They looked like some sort of language, but no one had ever been able to translate it. People lost interest in trying over the years. 

“Yeah they are. Why don’t you go find somewhere to use it, hm?” His father said. Sam nodded brightly then disappeared into the crowd. His father smiled to himself then focused his attention on his wife and son. Sam’s mother held baby Simon and walked forward towards the single pillar of blue light that rose from the ground. The woman placed Simon in a basket in the center of the light, then she stepped back.

The blue light switched to purple, while the alien technology scanned Simon. After several moments the light shifted back to blue. A platform descended from the ceiling riding the blue beam of light to deliver Simon’s weapon. An armored figure on the platform, referred to as “mannequins” by the people, held the weapon chosen for Simon. The mannequin wore a black metal suit of armor. It held a long white laser rifle. Simon’s dad cheered to himself in the crowd. Anyone assigned the laser rifle was headed for military service as soon as they could walk, and it meant a great financial boost for the family.

“Hey that’s a neat gun!” Sam said. He appeared next to his mom eyeing Simon’s weapon. Sam’s mom turned toward the crowd, and somehow knew exactly where to stare daggers at her husband. He melted into the crowd somewhat.

“Get down, Sammy,” His mother said.

“Okay, let me just get Simon’s gun.” Before she could argue Sam hopped on the platform and climbed up the mannequin’s armor. He climbed up its back trying to loosen it’s grip from behind. His foot caught something in the back of the mannequin.

“Hey, there’s a hole here!” Sam said. A chuckle ran through the crowd, his mother flushed red with embarrassment.

“Get down HERE. NOW.” Sam’s mother said.

“Hey I think it’s a keyhole!” Thinking quickly, Sam inserted his key and twisted. The mannequin dropped Simon’s laser rifle, then took a single step forward. It knelt on the grown, then its back opened wide revealing an empty interior full of flashing lights and screens. 

“Please step inside, your Majesty,” the suit said in a feminine robotic voice.

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