Nuclear Family (5-2-18)

[CW] Write three stories: Two that appear unrelated and a third that ties them all together. Use a combined 1,000 words or less. [Link to post.]

The white and blue squad car arrived with its sirens blaring, but the commotion was already over. The officers stepped out of the car to get David Jeffries out from the brick side of a building that held him prisoner. Though he remained at ground level, the brick itself encased his hands and legs keeping him held in place while a smaller brick kept him gagged; it was too large to spit out.

“We’re gonna need the sledge hammer,” one of the cops said, then began his walk back to the vehicle.

“Don’t worry sir, we’re familiar with the BrickLayer. We’ll have you out of there in a jiffy,” the other officer said to the man, while pulling his gun out. “Now, this shouldn’t hurt, we’ve done it before a time or two.” He placed the barrel of the gun against the outer plane of the brick in David’s mouth. 

“This is the fastest way to get your jaw moving again.” He said, then pulled the hammer back on the gun. “Now if you don’t feel comfortable with me doing this, all you gotta do is say so. Okay?” David’s eyes went wide and gave a muffled scream. The cop chuckled. 

“I’m just kidding, I know you can’t say anything,” he said with a laugh. David’s relief was short lived as the cop pulled the trigger while holding the gun at a downward angle, to a least aim the possible ricochet to the ground. The sound startled David and he yelled, not realizing that he could yell until a few seconds later. He glared at the cop while spitting out brick bits and dust. The officer shrugged with a smile and reholstered his gun.

“He musta been in a good mood not to kill you,” The first officer said, holding a heavy black sledge hammer. David nodded.

“Yeah, he didn’t even take the cash in the register,” David nodded upward to indicate the pawnshop he was currently attached to. “Just the jewelry.”


“Hey I know you’re out, but can you stick around?” Dr. Lasan, and older looking gentleman with snow white hair, asked Dr. Boucher. The younger female doctor with dark brown hair raised an eyebrow at the favor. “The parent’s from last night’s Mortar attack just passed away. The kid’s burns are still pretty bad, and she’s got no one else. Can you talk to her, one survivor to another? Please?” Dr. Boucher looked at her watch, and cursed the damn scarred skin under it running all the way up to her elbow. Then, it got worse the higher up her arm it went. She nodded.

“I have somewhere to be, but I can spare a few minutes to give her some encouragement tonight. Then I’ll check in with her more tomorrow, okay?” She asked. Dr. Lasan nodded then told her the room number. Dr. Boucher reached the room and looked in. A young blond girl rested on the bed. The TV was on a cartoon, but the girl didn’t smile. Dr. Boucher knocked, then entered. The girl tried to sit up, but Dr. Boucher waved her down.

“No no, don’t move. Trust me, I know it’s not easy,” the doctor said. She stuck her arm out to show the girl her burned, scarred arm. 

“What happened to you?” the girl asked. Dr. Boucher sat on the bed next to the girl and smiled.

“What do you think?” 

“Mortar. She’s a real bitch,” the young girl said. Dr. Boucher nodded. 

“Yeah, she can be. But you wanna know a secret? You’re super lucky.” Dr. Boucher looked behind her to make sure the door was closed, then she turned around and leaned closer to the young girl. She brought her burnt hand between them, palm upward. “I don’t think she knows it herself, but if someone takes a direct hit from Mortar and lives,…” a small flame ignited in her hand, then popped like a firecracker. The girl yelped, but giggled immediately after. “…they get her powers too.” The girl’s eyes widened with excitement. “Going by those burns, it looks like you got a direct hit.” Dr. Boucher finished up. The girl nodded eagerly, both corners of her mouth pulled up at opposite angles. “I have to go now, but here’s some things to think about. You’re a total stranger, but I know you don’t have a family. I want to teach you.” Dr. Boucher grabbed the girl’s hand with her own. “If you’d be okay with it, I’d like to adopt you. Just think abou-“

“YES!” the girl screamed


Marie Boucher was the first to arrive, however she did not wait long after the host seated her. Minutes later she saw the love of her life, Brad Lewis, enter the restaurant. She admired his silky blond hair and rugged beard every moment until the host brought him to the table. 

“Hey babe,” Brad leaned down and kissed Marie on the forehead, before sitting himself down. Though, he still scooted closer to her once in his seat. “How was the hospital?” he asked. 

“Good. I have something we’re gonna need to talk about soon-ish, but not just yet.” She leaned against him and melted. “Let’s enjoy dinner first,” she said. Instead of agreeing he wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear. 

“Before dinner, I need to say something,” he squeezed her. 

“What’s that?” she asked, though she already had a solid guess. It’d been a long time coming, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

“I’m tired of being BrickLayer,” he whispered. She bolted upright then turned to stare at him through angry, hurt eyes. He smiled, then knelt. “I’m tired of being ALONE.  But maybe it’ll be more fun with someone, huh?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the most perfect ring he could steal. 

“I’m thinking of changing my image from BrickLayer to Brick and Mortar. What do you think?” 

“Yes!” Mortar exclaimed and fell to her knees to hug her new fiancee. 

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