Thirsty for Anything (5-5-18)

[WP] It started when your kids came home from school with it. Then, it was the main story on the news. Then, it was unavoidable. You’re not sure what to do about it. It seems to be everywhere now. [Link to post.]

Lewis worked in his home office when he heard the front door open. Seconds later his youngest, Julie, bounded into the room demanding attention.

“DAAD! You’ll never believe what we got at school today, it’s so awesome!” She threw her grey bookbag on the couch and began to root around inside of it while Lewis’ oldest, Judd, walked in. He held something that resembled a can of soda, but instead of being made from thin aluminum the can was clear and filled with a green glowing liquid. Judd took a sip after he waved at his dad and sat on the couch as Julie found what she searched for. She pulled out a can like the one Judd drank from, though she hadn’t noticed he had one until she found hers. She turned and gave the can to her dad.

“What am I looking at?” Lewis asked while he eyed the transparent can. The standard poptop was there, but the can was definitely see through. He tilted the can this way and that to test the glowing neon liquid; it held the inside of the can like viscous oil.

“It’s Liquid!” Julie said excitedly. “It’s so cool.” Lewis glanced at Judd in time to watch him take another drink

“I know it’s liquid, but what’s it for?”

“It’s called Liquid, and you can do anything you want! That’s why it’s so cool!” Julie bounced in place, her shiny black hair bounced with her.

“What do you mean anything I want?”

“It tastes pretty good,” Judd said, then took another drink. Julie turned toward Judd and made disappointed face.

“Drinking it is boring,” she said, then wandered out of the room.

“So where’d it come from?” I asked Judd. At 17 I hadn’t seen him smile in a couple of years, but he gave a half smirk when he answered. I could tell he was freaking out as much as Julie was in his own way.

“Alternate universe.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked. He nodded. Judd was a good kid, never one to lie.

“Yeah, it’ll be on the news later. Not only do they exist, they visited us, brought us gifts.” He lifted the green glowing drink and took another gulp. Julie ran back into the room holding an empty glass and her phone charger.

“Watch,” she said. She plugged in the end of the charger to the phone, then handed it to me. She grabbed the plug on the other end and put it into the empty glass. Then she popped the top on her transparent can and poured it into the glass. The second the Liquid touched the plug the phone in my hand lit up to indicate it was being charged.

“OH! Wait here!” Julie bounced out of the room again. I held the charging phone in my hand.

“Are you sure you should be drinking it?” I asked Judd. He nodded.

“Yeah. According to the presentation we got it’s going to hit grocery stores soon too. It’ll be everywhere, hopefully cheap.” He shrugged, then took another drink.

“Presentation? Did you see anyone from the other universe? What do they look like?” He nodded.

“Like us. Some of them had some freaky color eyes and hair, but I don’t know if they dyed their hair or wearing contacts, you know?” Julie ran back into the room holding a bag of marshmallows and some toothpicks. She tore the new bag open, pulled out two marshmallows, and put a toothpick on each. She filled more in the glass, to cover the phone’s plug more thoroughly, then she dipped a marshmallow in the glass.

“This is one of the demos they showed us.” Julie said with a broad smile. When she pulled the marshmallow out it was covered in rich, creamy brown chocolate like from a chocolate fountain. She popped it into her mouth, then dipped the other marshmallow in the liquid. When she pulled the second marshmallow out of the green liquid it came with a lit flame. In proper campout style she let the fire burn for a second before blowing it out. Smoke billowed from the black-brown toasted marshmallow, then she popped that one in her mouth too.

“ANYTHING you need it to do.” She said.

“And so, they’re just giving us this technology?” I asked both of them.

“They said that establishing cross-universe communication is a super important step, and we need to help each other,” Julie said. Then she took a drink from the glass while being careful not to let the phone plug hit her lips.

“They’re probably invading us,” Judd said. “I can’t stop.” He took another drink.

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