AlterNet Entrance (5-6-18)

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Dread stepped out of the black portal and into a bustling city teeming with people. Mirrored skycrapers tickled the underside of fluffy white clouds all around them, each of the glass buildings reflected some portion of brilliant gold sunlight onto the flowing crowds of people. Dread froze in awe taking in the sights until Dirge walked past her.

“Come on, we gotta register you.” Dirge walked toward a large green building, shorter than all the rest. It seemed to be the center of town. Dread noticed dozens of people going in and out of the building they were headed to.

“Didn’t I already register at Mundo’s?” Dread asked. They reached the green building, but instead of joining the line that extended out of its doors and around its side Dirge walked in. Smooth white and black marble made up the floor and walls of the interior. Dread could find no rhyme or reason to the numerous signs that guided patrons to any number of clerks. 

“That was just for logging in remotely. Since you’re actually here you need to pick up a Soul Node, or the nanos won’t recognize you,” Dirge said. She turned several corners as they walked, she knew where she was going.

“Then why’d I do it at Mundo’s first?” Dread asked. Dirge stopped in front of a blue door with the number 37 on it in green number. 

“Character creation, duh.” Dirge said. “We’re here.” Instead of knocking on the door she turned the knob and walked in. The two girls stepped into a bright white, wide open room. Warm white light glowed from under the smooth glass floors, and behind the glass walls. An older man with long silver hair sat in the middle of a ring of soil that took up the middle of the room. He rested cross-legged atop a large tree sump, but he opened he his legs and stepped on the rich brown soil once the girls entered. Dirge closed the door behind them.

“Mundo sent us,” Dirge said. “And Dread,” Dirge pointed to the taller girl with bone-white hair. “needs a Soul Node.”

“Wonderful! Welcome!” The man knelt in the soil then sunk his hand into the dirt, reaching below the surface. He pulled out a small transparent rectangle, then tossed it to Dirge while remaining on his knees. The raven haired girl caught it then turned to Dread. 

“This lets you access your character while you’re here. Give it some juice.” Dread grabbed the Node and looked it over. It reminded her of a glass playing card, thin and completely transparent. She pulsed golden energy into it from her hand and it began to glow. 

“I don’t know how much help my character will be at level one, I’m probably stronger without it.” Dread said. The older Mundo shook his head.

“Your Unique powers are no good here, everything has to go through the nanos.” He reached into the ground again and pulled out two bright red apples. “But you’re right, level one isn’t going to help one bit against the Spider. Luckily, you know me.” He stood up from the ground then offered them each an apple. 

“Max level boosts, including Oversoul.” 

“NO WAY!” Dirge bounced in place clapping her hands, then she snatched the apple from Mundo’s hand. She bit the apple, causing the bright fruit to disappear after the single bite. Dirge pulled her own Node out from her pocket and began to tap away on it. “IT WORKED!” she cheered, then held her Node up to Dread’s face. “I’m a unicorn now!” Dread’s eyes focused on the character sheet displayed on Dirge’s Node. It listed “Unicorn” in the Oversoul section. Dread bit her own apple, then it disappeared.

“Why do we need to be max level? I thought the Spider was on a different Earth?” Dread asked Mundo. He nodded.

“The Spider *IS* on a different Earth, but he has a very strong character here,” Mundo looked at Dirge. “You’re a Celestial, right? You can find out what Earth he’s from, but you’ll need to be max level to even get close to him. He’s a human ninja with a Spider Oversoul, so be careful.” Mundo walked past the two girls then opened his office door. “He likes to hang out by the Derby tracks. Good luck.” 


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