Do the Crime, Do the Time (5-7-18)

[WP] A corrupt prosecutor wakes up in the body of the innocent man he just convicted. [Link to post.]

“Johnson. Visitor.” One of the guards banged the cell door, but the man sitting on his bed with his arms around his knees did not look up. Johnson wasn’t his name. “Hey!” The guard banged the cell door again. “You wanna see your lawyer, or not?” The man nodded timidly, realizing he was the only one in the cell. “Then get up off that bad and c’mon!” the guard yelled.

The guard escorted the man known as Rudy Johnson toward a private room. Rudy eye’s did not leave the ground, he was too busy trying to figure out how he woke up in a body that wasn’t his. It stunned him when the guard opened the door and he saw his former body standing by the table waiting for him.

“Mr. Johnson, good to see you,” the man he used to be stepped forward and shook his hand.

“Who are you?” the prisoner asked. The guard left the room, closing the door behind him. Mr. Johnson and the lawyer he used to be remained the only two people in the room. The lawyer smiled.

“Don’t you remember? I’m your lawyer, Shane Roberts. I represented you in court.” Mr. Roberts sat down in a chair across from Rudy. 

“Bullshit, I represented Mr. Johnson.” The prisoner said, staring down the lawyer. “I don’t know how you did it, but -” the well dressed man stood from his seat interrupting.

“Oh. *HOW* is the easy part,” he snapped his fingers.  Rudy did not register the change right away, but after a second he realized he was back in his own body staring at the bearded, tired face of Rudy Johnson. Then Rudy snapped his fingers again. Shane found himself back in Rudy’s body staring at his old one. “It’s the *why* that you’re interested in.” The lawyer sat down in his chair again and smiled at the prisoner. Rudy shrugged.

“Alright. Why?”

“Because I was innocent, Mr. Roberts,” the lawyer said. He used the man’s proper name, even though he was currently in a different body. “It was a simple test. Any half honest lawyer could have kept me out of jail, but you went above and beyond to help fill out the Warden’s cells. Now you get to see what it’s like.” The prisoner sat down opposite the lawyer.

“How can I fix it?” He put his hands together on the table, a combination of pleading and praying to the lawyer. The well dressed man only smiled and shook his head, then shrugged.

“I suppose your only hope is that I get bored of spending your money,” he said. He stood from his seat, then walked over to the door. He knocked to grab the guard’s attention. “Good luck, Mr…” the lawyer stopped speaking, then turned around to look the prisoner up and down. The guard opened the door. “Good luck, Mr. Johnson.”

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