Adventures in Babysitting (5-9-18)

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“You know where everything is, make yourself at home. And keep a card on you, just in case.” Robin, Threnody’s red-headed mother related instructions to the short man with a blue mohawk that held her daughter. Her husband, an imposing man named Posie, stood at the open door ready to leave. Vegas, the short man, nodded while bouncing the six year old dark haired child in his arms. 

“Awww don’t worry. We done this plenty of times, ain’t we Threnny?” Vegas said squeezing the child’s puffy baby cheek. Her orange eyes sparkled in the sunlight while she giggled. Vegas babysat Threnody Ingram three or four times a year, to give her parents a break. She was a special child and they needed it. 

“Bye daddy, bye mommy!” Threnody waved at her parents, almost rushing them out the door. Robin stepped forward and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“Bye honey, we’ll see you in a week.” Posie stepped out of the house with a wave after Robin passed by him on her way out. 

“Bye guys, have fun.” Posie closed the door behind him. The second they were gone Vegas dropped the child to the hardwood floor of the livingroom. She was ready for it and landed on her feet.

“What’s it gonna be, Shortcake?” Vegas asked. He knelt down in front of the six year old. She met Vegas’ eyes and stroked her chin with her thumb and forefinger while she thought about it.

“First,” Threnody held up a single, tiny finger between her and Vegas. “I’m hungry. Can we go to Chang’s?” Vegas bounced his mohawk in agreement then stood to grab the child’s hand. 

“Donna Chang’s it is,” Vegas said. Threnody gestured at the air next to them with her free hand causing a vertical pitch black portal to open. Without hesitation Vegas stepped through, Threnody followed while they held hands. On the other side of the portal the two found themselves inside a walk-in freezer. 

“They musta remodeled,” Vegas said. He opened the door to a hot and busy kitchen. Three line cooks worked the woks while several other workers appeared to be doing prep work. Wait stuff walked in and out of the kitchen at regular intervals, but no one seemed to pay any attention to the short man and little girl that walked out of the freezer. They made their way to the front of the house where an elderly Asian woman, the owner Donna Chang, noticed them and greeted the pair with enthusiasm. 

“Vegas! So good to see you again,” Mrs. Chang said, then she turned her attention downward toward the young girl. “And Miss Threnody too!” The elder woman reached into the front pocket of her apron, slightly yellow with age and oil and withdrew her hand to offer Threnody a piece of dragon shaped chocolate candy wrapped in a red and gold foil wrapper. The little girl accepted the sweet with a smile.

“Sit! Order anything, free for you guys.” Mrs. Chang said. She guided them over to a booth, then wandered into the kitchen. Vegas slid into his side, Threnody sat on her knees and haunches across from him. 

“Can I get the Dragon Heart?” Threnody asked as she looked over the menu. The Dragon Heart was a secret item not listed. Vegas shook his head. 

“Nope, I didn’t sign on for that much trouble. Your usual’s good enough.” Vegas teased the young girl while he browsed the menu. She gave a slight pout and browsed the menu. After some time the waitress came and took their orders. The two enjoyed their meal and spent the rest of the time talking about what Threnody wanted to do after dinner. 

“Can we find an ending?” Threnody asked between bites of crispy sweet & sour chicken. Vegas shrugged.

“I don’t know about that, we only got a week,” Vegas said. As he spoke Mrs. Chang approached the table. 

“Everything okay?” She asked. Vegas nodded.

“Delicious as always, Mrs. Chang,” he said. 

“Do you know where we can find an ending?” Threnody asked the older woman. The woman smiled and nodded. 

“I do know of one right now. It’s only good for another week or so, I think.” Mrs. Chang said. Threnody jumped to her feet standing on the red booth seat. She bounced to the edge near the old woman and stuck her hand out. The grey haired woman grabbed the little girl’s hand and sent a pulse of golden energy up the girl’s arm. 

“Thanks!” Threnody said, giving the old woman a thumbs up gesture. Then she turned to face Vegas. “Let’s GO!” She bounced jumped in place on the seat. Vegas smiled at her then scooted himself out of the booth. He stood in front of Mrs. Chang and bowed his head slightly. 

“Thanks for the meal, Mrs. Chang. You’re the best.” The woman smiled and nodded. 

“Come back any time,” she said. Then, deciding the conversation was over she walked back toward the kitchen. Vegas grabbed Threnody’s hand. 

“Waitin’ on you,” he said. Threnody smiled and waved a gesture at the air with her hand to open another black portal, using the frequency Mrs. Chang gave her. The two stepped through the portal.  

They found a dark and cold Earth. Vegas could feel the cold dirt even through his white snakeskin boots. He still held Threnody’s hand and felt the little girl shiver. The cold air around him felt still, as if no one had so much as breathed on the planet. Threnody walked around the dark Earth, her orange eyes glowed with golden light. 

“It’s so pretty!” she said. Vegas nodded as he stared at the darkness. He did not have Threnody’s ability to see in the dark, it left him somewhat unsettled. He chuckled to himself that he felt safe with Threnody nearby even though he was the babysitter. 

“Can we stay the week? I don’t wanna miss it,” Threnody said. She continued to walk circles around Vegas staring out at the darkness, seeing things that she would be the only one to ever see. 

“I don’t see a problem with it, but let’s go get some supplies first.” Vegas wrapped his arms around himself and rubbed his arms up and down for extra warmth. “It’s cold.”

“Well duh,” Threnody said. She opened a portal in the air next to them, close enough where Vegas could see it. “The sun’s gone out. This universe is about to die, and we get to watch! It’s gonna be so awesome!” She ran into her portal eager to fetch supplies. 

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