Lion’s Tale (5-16-18)

[WP] Future seers tend to be very successful, but every one of them turned to the dark side eventually and became history’s worst mass murderers, tyrants and dictators. One day, you saw into the future, thousands of years into the future. You decide to use this knowledge for good. [Link to post.]

I woke in my bed, turned on the lamp, then reached for the pen and notepad I kept on the nightstand to write my dreams. Writing out what I could remember helped me put the images into a cohesive prediction that I could work with. This one was easy to remember, but deep down inside I knew I could change it. 

“End of humanity,” I spoke aloud as a habit while I jotted it down. “5037”  I closed my eyes and focused to pull more information from my dream memory. It wasn’t alien invaders, nuclear war, or viral pandemic. My eyes shot open. “Suicide?” I asked myself in disbelief, then added it to my notes. “Mass Suicide.” I closed my eyes again, but the memories remained. Somehow every human was convinced to kill themselves in 5037. I wasn’t immortal, and I’d be long dead by then. But I had to stop it. I glanced at the clock. Red block numbers said 6:30 a.m. so I reached for my phone. 

An hour later I answered the door to see my two best friends, Ryan and Jesse. I had more friends that knew about my visions, but they were the only ones I felt comfortable calling so early on a Saturday morning. Ryan handed me a bag of breakfast as he walked in carrying two others. Jesse handed me a cup of coffee from a tray holding three.

“What’s the emergency vision?” Jesse asked as he stepped in. 

“I saw farther than ever, the year 5037,” I said as we made ourselves comfortable on my red couch. Ryan pulled the coffee table closer to hold our food. 

“Whoa, that’s awesome. Did you see any cool tech we could start inventing?” Jesse asked. Normally I would have chuckled, but I just shook my head. 

“I saw the death of humanity.” 

“Oh. That’s not awesome.” Jesse said, then took a bite of his breakfast sandwich. 

“How’d it happen? How can we fix it?” Ryan asked, then took his own bite.

“I don’t know how to fix it, that’s why you guys are here. As for how it happened… man. It was pretty horrible. Saying ‘mass suicide’ doesn’t seem like a strong enough description considering it was every single human, but yeah. That’s what happened, everyone killed themselves.” I finally bit into my own breakfast while their brains worked on the problem. 

“What about the kids? Did the parents…” Jesse let the question hang, but I shook my head.

“Ebrywon,” I said with a mouth full of egg, sausage, and biscuit. I held my finger up, then swallowed. “Everyone did it themselves, even the kids. I don’t know how we can even affect that far in the future, but we gotta try.” 

“You gotta come out,” Ryan said. “Prove you’re a Seer, then maybe people will listen. If we get enough people to listen to you now, maybe we can pass the knowledge down the generations.” 

“He can’t come out, you know how Seers get treated.” Jesse brought up the negative stigma around Seers. They’re rare, but I knew I wasn’t the first by a long shot. The only problem is all of them ended up corrupt somehow, causing an insane amount of deaths. I appreciated Jesse looking out for me, but deep down I knew Ryan was right. A part of me felt I knew that when I called them but I just wanted some moral support. 

“No, Ryan’s right. They might hate me, but they’ll believe me. Can you guys help me get some videos online over the next few weeks? I don’t know how many predictions I’ll have to toss out before people believe me, but I know it’ll be more than one.”

“Yeah man, of course,” Ryan said.

“If you’re sure you want to go that route, we’ll help,” Jesse added. Once the decision was made I felt a weight off my shoulders. We spent the morning chatting about how to address humanity’s end, and the guys helped me doctor it up a bit. I decided some embellishment wouldn’t hurt, since it was for the most important cause. Plus if everything went according to plan it wouldn’t happen anyway. They left in the early afternoon. It gave me a chance to sit down and plan my night.

I couldn’t necessarily call the visions at will, however I’d gotten pretty good at coaxing them out fairly regularly if I really wanted to. I had to have a vision that night and it needed to be something happening soon. I spent a quiet evening alone meditating on and off, then went to bed. The next morning Ryan and Jesse showed up with breakfast again, ready to record. 

“Get anything useful?” Ryan asked as he set up a tripod. I nodded and held up my notepad.

“Yeah, I lucked out and got something for tomorrow. So we gotta get this uploaded early.” I placed my bag of breakfast on the kitchen counter and left it untouched. The other two guys followed my lead and we got down to business. Ten minutes later we were ready to film.

“Alright, we’re filming. Go for it.” Ryan nodded at me. Jesse headed to the kitchen for his breakfast. I started the speech I’d been practicing in my head since the day before, minus the details of the prediction.

“Hi! You don’t know me yet, but you will. My name is Leo Goodson and I’m a Seer. I’ve kept this fact hidden for a while now, but two nights ago I had a vision so important..” I stretched my arms out wide. “Well, here I am. Before I can talk about what I Saw, I need to make sure everyone believes I’m a Seer. To that end I’ll start posting predictions online, until you guys are ready to hear the big one.  Here’s your first prediction. Tomorrow, Monday the 21st, game 7 is going to be rained out.” I waved at the camera. “That’s it for now, stay tuned. More predictions to come.”  

“Looks good,” Ryan said after he stopped recording. “I’ll have it uploading in a bit.” He pulled his laptop out of his backpack while I headed towards my breakfast. He joined Jesse and me in the kitchen once the video was uploading. 

Six months later I sat in a large conference room with Ryan, Jesse, and the leaders of the world. I made predictions as often as I could, but unfortunately some of them took weeks to resolve. But now I had the attention I needed. I explained my vision for the end of humanity, but it took another two years of accurate predictions before they believed me. It took the world governments an extra two years to believe me, but I released my big prediction to the public after that initial meeting. All the predictions I made to prove myself to the government brought me more and more subscribers. I repeated my vision to my followers as often as I could. I needed to remind them how horrible it would be. I needed my message to echo across the generations. 


“Morning!” Baxter walked into the bright kitchen to join his family at the breakfast table. “Happy Lion’s Day!” His family greeted him in kind, his wife and two sons smiling like Christmas morning. 

“Do we gotta wait for everyone else?” His son Leo, named after the prophet, asked. Baxter nodded at his youngest. 

“Well, I suppose you don’t have to.” Leo eagerly reached for his loaded gun resting at the center of the table with three others. “But, the Goodson did intend for everyone to do it together.” 

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