Marriage or Death? (5-19-18)

[WP] You’re a shopkeeper by day and a dungeon delver at night. A customer comes along and asks for a unique item. You don’t have it, but you know where to find it, and it won’t be easy to get. [Link to post.]

I looked up from the dagger I was polishing when I heard the chime over the front door. An angel, or at least a half-angel, walked in. I did not see any sign of wings, but the golden halo over his long, straight, black hear tipped me off to his race. 

“Afternoon. Something I can help you find?” I asked.  I set the dagger and cloth down on the counter to give him my full attention. He ignored me at first, instead choosing to look around the shop at my wares. 

“Uh, maybe? I need a gift for my fiancée. I have something specific in mind and after asking around, several people pointed me to you,” he said. I nodded. It was the same story as most of my clients. 

“I guess I am pretty good at fulfilling special requests. What can I do for you?” I asked. He looked around the shop again as if he were checking for other customers, then he stepped closer and lowered his voice. 

“I’m marrying a mermaid, and I want to give her a harp as a wedding gift,” he explained. I assumed he would not come to me for a simple stringed instrument, but I needed to be sure. El Arpa could be a powerful item, and I often did my part to ensure powerful items didn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

“A harp? There’s a bard guild down the street with all kinds of instruments,” I said and pointed East. He shook his head. 

“Not just any harp, I want a Unique one. Number 53,” he said with an eager face. 

“Ah, so you do know what you’re asking for, good.” I reached up to scratch my beard while I ran down some harps in my mind. “I do know the location of a few, did you have a specific variant in mind?” I hoped he didn’t. I had a harp in the shop, but it was a cursed, useless variant. Its ability entangled anyone that played it in harp strings. Unfortunately he nodded. 

“Yeah. She wants a Lasher variant,” he said. “Money’s no object.”  Of course she’d want the most powerful one. The Lasher causes slashing and sonic damage, as well as granting a stat boost. I sighed. I could have lied, but my honesty is what helped established my reputation. 

“I do know where there’s one,” I shook my head. “But no amount of money will convince me to get it.”

“What, why not? Everyone spoke so highly of you, but no one mentioned you were a coward,” He laughed at me. 

“Ballisea,” I said with a straight voice. He stopped laughing. 

“Oh. Well, I’m not afraid of her. How much will it take for you to tell me where it is?” Again, I shook my head. 

“Man, you’re about to get married, I’m not gonna send you off to die.” He burst into laughter again. 

“I am Unique #12, El Valiente. I’m a max level half angel, half fairy,” two sets of clear, veiny dragon fly wings popped out of his back. “…unicorn souled,” a rainbow washed through his black hair and a golden horn popped out of the top of his forehead. “…wizard. My magic stats are completely maxed out. Ballisea doesn’t stand a chance.” I smiled at him. 

“Well no wonder you’re loaded, you’re a farming machine. But see, the problem is you’re still thinking of it as a game. Ballisea’s real, and she’ll absorb your soul before you can think to yourself, ‘hey, I’m not respawning’. Tell you what, I got a Harp in the back I’ll let you have for free. It’s a cursed variant, but you can still get the stat boost without playing it.” He shook his head. 

“I want the Lasher,” he said firmly. I shrugged. 

“I only know where the one is, and I’m not gonna tell you. I can put out feelers for another one, but I can’t promise that in time for your wedding.” He clenched his fists as his face went red with frustration. I decided I’d had enough of him. 

“Okay, new deal. I’ll be happy to tell you where it is, if you bring your fiancée to tell me you have her permission to go out and get yourself killed. If there’s nothing else I can do for you, then please leave my shop.” 

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