Taking a Seat (5-23-18)

[WP] For centuries werewolves, vampires and zombies have hunted together, and werewolves get the flesh, vampires the bones and zombies the brain, and this system works perfectly until [Link to post.]

“They expect us to just roll over and give them a cut?” Adam Fenwick voiced his concern to the other two council members gathered at the small, elegant, round wooden table. They sat in a shadowed, private room at the back of a restaurant. “Our partnership has been very lucrative over the past few centuries for our peoples. How does adding a fourth seat to our table help us?” He asked, then sat back and made a show of fidgeting with the golden moon pin he wore on the lapel of his dark suit.

“I agree with the wolves,” the zombie representative spoke with a smooth, electronic male voice. He remained in the shadows, but a faint blue glow emanated from his left eye. 

“You take our gifts, but refuse us your support?” Dralio the vampire asked the zombie. The rotting corpse lifted a robotic hand in front of himself.

“Not refusing. However, I feel the wolves have a valid point. What do we earn in exchange?” the cybernetic zombie asked. Dralio shrugged. An elder female’s voice came from the shadows. 

“In exchange for your cooperation, you earn the right to keep cooperating,” the woman said. An elderly Asian woman stepped into the light. “You misunderstand the purpose of this meeting. It is not a discussion for you to offer your opinions.” Her eyes shined with a bright golden glow; she looked directly at Adam, the werewolf representative. “This meeting is informational. To let you know you are working for us now.”

“WE DECIDE WHO WE WORK FOR!” Adam yelled as he stood up. He slammed his hand on the wooden table. Fur grew out of the back of his hand and head. The front of his face elongated into a snout as he bared his teeth at the strange woman. She turned toward Dralio.

“You didn’t tell him who I represent, did you?” She asked him. The vampire gave a half smirk followed by a shrug.

“It must have slipped my mind,” he said, then laughed. The old woman laughed too, then stepped closer to the vampire. She leaned forward, and brought a single hand up to her mouth, as if she were going to relay a secret to him. He leaned his pale, pointy ear closer.

She whispered something in a language neither of them understood, then the vampire’s head burst into flames. It burned down faster than he could scream leaving orange embers at his neck. The body fell over then disintegrated into ash.

“I apologize for the miscommunication.” The woman stepped over the vampire’s ash pile, then sat in his seat. “My name is Donna Chang and I represent the Dragon clans.” Adam reverted to his human form, and sat down.

“The werewolves will hunt for you,” he said.

“The zombies await your command,” the electronic voice said.

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