Alien Sights (3-29-18)

[WP] Area 51 has just stared offering guided tours… [Link to post.]

“Folks, I hope you all are as excited as we are,” the tour guide in a bright yellow Polo shirt said. He greeted the gathered crowd in an open hangar bay. He smiled. “We’ve spent a lot of time and resources to put his tour together, but we think it’ll benefit everyone. My name is Tad, and if you’ve got any questions all you have to do is say, ‘Hey Tad, I’ve got a question.’ alright?” he gave a practiced laugh, though not a single one of the guests cracked a smile.

“I promise you folks are going to see some wild things, but safety first. This is still technically a ‘SECRET’ base,” Tad used air quotes. This time he heard a couple of chuckles in the crowd, and smiled to himself. “So on your way in we equipped each of you some safety equipment. Does anyone have any questions about how it works?” A dark skinned woman with golden eyes raised her hand. 

“I don’t think mine’s working right,” she said. She lifted her other wrist to show the small silver manacle-like bracelet they supplied to her. “Everyone else’s is invisible.” Tad nodded.

“Yeah, yeah. It should definitely be invisible, but it looks like it’s still working,” Tad said. “You can of course swap it out if you feel the need; but, because of the technology involved and how long it takes you’ll end up missing this tour. Unfortunately the next one is in three months.” Her golden eyes went wide, then she shook her head. 

“Hell no, I’ve waited eons to be here,” she said. “Not another minute. If you guys are fine with it, I’m fine with it. Let’s go,” she said. Her sentiments were echoed by the crowd.

“Yeah, let’s go already! We wanna see alien stuff!” a young pale kid with blond hair said. 

“Sorry buddy, still gotta go down the checklist. Next is food. As a reminder let me say, I hope you all packed meals. Remember we are not providing you with any food during the tour, we’re not going to even try and keep up with everyone’s possible allergies. And speaking of allergies, please don’t share food guys. The last thing anyone wants is to end the tour early, you dig?” Tad asked the crowd and they all mumbled a general agreement.

“Finally, souvenirs. I promise there will be gift opportunities along the way, but I have to remind you to keep your local ordinances in mind. Just because you can buy something here doesn’t mean you’re allowed to have it in your area. There will also be a security check at the end, and if we find anything known to be illegal in your area we reserve the right to confiscate it. You’ll have spent your money for nothing.” 

“Hey, Tad. I’ve got a question,” a tall, lean man asked. “I didn’t get any money,” he said.

“That’s not a question, man,” Tad laughed alone. “But no one has yet. We’ve got stipends to hand out once things start moving.” Tad checked his watch. “Which should be any minute now.” A high pitched hum began to fill the air after his words. “Ah, right on time.  Folks if you’ll follow me, let’s line up over here away from the hangar door.” Tad led the group to one side of the hangar while uniformed crew members opened the doors wide. The hum grew into a loud roar as gusts of winds kicked up dust off the hangar floor. 

“Whoooooaa!” the young blonde boy said as he saw the tall fin-like tail sliding backwards into the hangar. “Alien stuff… ” he whispered. Tad walked behind him and ruffled the boy’s shaggy hair. 

“You ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s just the plane that’s gonna carry us around the world in 80 days. Welcome to Earth, kid. You’re gonna love it.” 

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