Teamwork (5-31-18)

[WP] Years ago a human promised you their firstborn as payment – However, as you arrive to collect your debt, you discover you’re not the only one they promised their child to. [Link to post.]

A tall, lean man wearing a heavy black trench coat knocked on the hospital door, then let himself into the room. Inside he found a scene he did not expect. The parents of his claim discussed something with two other people, but the mother noticed him stepping into the room. She turned to her husband in disdain, while pulling the sleeping infant closer to her, protectively. 

“Another one, Paul? Jesus how many more ‘favors’ did you cash in?” she hissed. Paul eyed the newcomer. 

“Dragon?” he asked. The tall man nodded. Paul turned back to his wife. “That’s the last one.” 

“Last one what?” the newcomer asked with a low, gravelly voice. 

“Vampire,” Paul pointed at another man wearing an elegant red business suit, with gold pinstripes and buttons. “Werewolf,” 
Paul gestured to a short, hairy man wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. “And, Dragon,” he pointed to the tall man in black. “Each of you helped me in a time of need, and in return I promised you my firstborn child. But there’s three of you and only one child. So it looks like you’re going to have to fight over it. Survivor gets the baby,” Paul said with a laugh. 

The werewolf immediately turned to face the other two myths, then he began to change. Fur began to thicken on his arms as his snout stretched out. But, the dragon held up a gloved hand to calm him. The werewolf returned to his human form with a faint whimper. The dragon removed the glove and revealed black scaled hand.

“Your plan might have worked if it was just those two,” the dragon pointed at the vampire and werewolf. “Have one kill the other, then finish off the weakened one.” He smiled, and gave a shrug. “It’s genius really, but you got greedy.” He moved, though only the vampire’s eyes were able to keep up with his movements. In an instant he held the sleeping child, the mother drowned her screams with a heaving sob. “Trying to outwit a dragon is going to take you a lot longer than 9 months,” he said while he rocked the baby. He looked at the other two, and moved toward the red suited vampire.

“What you never wondered about was, what each of us wants the child for.” The dragon handed the wrapped child to the vampire, then nodded. The vampire leaned in and sunk his fangs into the baby’s neck. At this point Paul realized the baby was already charmed, otherwise it would have woken up. 

“The vampire just wants a drink, and the werewolf wants to enjoy a tender meal.” The dragon said, and took the liberty of petting the short werewolf like a dog. He smiled in return. “There’s no reason why they can’t both get what they want.”

“What about you?” Paul asked. He made an effort to comfort his wife, but she continued to push him away while sobbing on the bed into her pillows. The dragon’s black scaled hand began to glow with red light; he touched the baby’s chest with his illuminated hand. Then, he lifted his hand, and seemed to pull wisps of golden smoke with it. The tendrils of smoke formed a golden ball in his hand, then he popped it into his mouth and swallowed it in one gulp. He smiled at Paul.

“Its soul,” he said. Without another word he turned around and walked out of the room. Behind him he heard the werewolf crunching on something. 

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