Destiny of Choice (6-1-18)

[WP] You and your wife just had your first child. The thing is… the baby was born with bright, pink, spiky hair. Your child is a Main Character. [Link to post.]

The Smith family sat around the dinner table enjoying Mrs. Smith’s meatloaf when the doorbell disturbed them. 

“I’ll get it!” Jane Smith, an only child, said. Her bright pink ponytail bounced as she stood from her seat, but her father’s stern voice advised her to sit back down.

“*I’ll* answer it, Janey. Sit back down and finish your dinner.” The bald father moved at a glacial pace, taking time to push his chair in before he walked out of the dining room. Jane looked up at her mother with puppy dog eyes, but Mrs. Smith dismissed her daughter’s plea with a wave. 

“Trust your father, dear. He only wants what’s best for you,” the woman said, then turned her head toward the foyer to listen. 

“Awww what does he know?” the thirteen year old girl complained. Mrs. Smith smiled and replied without turning her attention from the foyer. 

“More than you think.” Her ears caught the beginning of a familiar conversation, with their favorite keyword. ‘Special’. She turned to the sulking girl and caught her attention with a wink. “C’mon, let’s go join them,” she said. The woman stood from her seat, then spent time trying to coax the bright haired girl out of her sulky mood enough to stand. 

The mother and daughter walked into the living room where Mr. Smith and an unknown man in a black silk suit sat across from each other. Mr. Smith stood, and motioned his daughter over. Mrs. Smith sat on the couch next to her husband. 

“Janey, come on over and meet Mr. Allison. He’s the principal -” Mr. Smith’s introduction was interrupted by the stranger.

“Headmaster,” Mr. Allison corrected. Mr. Smith glared at him.

“He’s the principal of a special school, and says you’re fit to attend,” Mr. Smith completed his introduction, and Jane stepped forward to shake the man’s hand. 

“Nice to meet you Mr. Allison,” Jane said. 

“Actually, I said we *believe* the girl would make an ideal candidate,” Mr. Allison idly shook the girl’s hand while focusing his attention on the girl’s father. 

“She’s fit,” Mr. Smith said. “But she won’t be attending.” Mr. Allison’s eyes widened. 

“I’m sorry? Of course she will, no one has ever refused an invitation to my school. We make heroes at my school, we have wizards, warriors, and mutants.” Mr. Allison said while eyeing the pink haired girl. 

“What d’ya say, Janey?” Mr. Smith asked his daughter. 

“No thanks. I’m gonna go to my room now. Bye. Principal Allison,” Janey waved at the man on her way out. The school sounded interesting, but she did not like Mr. Allison, and it was clear her father didn’t either. 

“You don’t know what an opportunity you’re passing up. Like I said earlier, your daughter is *SPECIAL*.” Mr. Allison turned his attention to Mrs. Smith. “She could have a magical life, don’t you want that for your daughter?” 

“Mr. Allison, Janey is *OUR* daughter,” Mr. Smith said. He stood from the couch, and encouraged the visitor to stand to, then he politely led him toward the front door. “We know exactly how special she is. Seems like every week we get some new jackass telling us our daughter is meant for great things. She’s going to save the city, or the world, even the universe.” Mr. Allison made an effort to brace himself. He stopped letting the homeowner guide him, then turned to face Mr. Smith.

“How could you be so selfish?? The world is in danger, and you’re holding back its savior??” Spittle splattered across Mr. Smith’s face during the outburst, further lowering his opinion of the principal. Then he chuckled in response to Mr. Allison’s question. 

“Principal Allison, people like you have been coming around ever since my daughter was born.  Someone insisted that she needed to save the world, days after she was born,” Mr. Smith opened the front door, then stepped outside to look at the orange sky and the setting sun. “Looks like the world is still here.” Mr. Allison stepped out of the house, and Mr. Smith turned to him. 

“The world is always going to need saving, and there’s always going to be Chosen Ones to save it. My daughter is going to have a choice. When she hits 18 she can embrace the Chosen One’s way of life and go save the world every week, or she can choose to live a normal life.  I’m teaching her that she doesn’t *have* to be a chosen one. It’s okay to be a normal person because the world will always be in danger.” Mr. Smith stepped inside his own house, then nodded at Mr. Allison before closing the door. He did not let the other man get a word in. Mrs. Smith wrapped her arms around him as he sighed against the door.

“You should go talk to her. She made that decision all by herself. If you don’t tell her the truth, she might begin to resent you.” She said. Mr. Smith nodded. 

“You’re right,” Mr. Smith said. His wife stood on tiptoes to kiss his bald forehead then Mr. Smith headed towards his daughter’s room. “Who knew being a Chosen One was hereditary?” he said with a shrug.

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